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on 03.01.20

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With AVDG’s network design and configuration, you can rely on fast, secure, reliable network connectivity to boost workplace communication and productivity.

dependable connectivity

Today’s connected spaces require an ultra-fast network. AVDG designs and builds custom data networks that provide constant connectivity and help your teams maximize productivity. From single workspaces to sprawling WANs, our experienced teams are skilled in all spheres of network installation, ensuring that your connected technologies communicate seamlessly and at optimum capacity.

essential infrastructure

Slow or intermittent connectivity cuts into productivity and your bottom line. A dependable network is critical to the optimal performance of your connected technologies. We bring your wired and wireless data to the next level, providing the essential infrastructure for smart offices and connected workspaces.AVDG also brings professional aesthetics to any space, so all you can see after installation are clean, easy-to-use interfaces.

what to expect

AVDG partners with clients to build exactly what they need. Data networks are intricately designed based on the unique demands of your connected technologies, as well as your budget, environment, operations, and organization. The end result is a turnkey solution that is powerful, consistent, cost-effective, and requires little to no maintenance. It can also be scaled as needed when your organization is ready to expand its capabilities.

design & installation

Data networks are the bridge between your interactive whiteboards, video-conferencing systems, surveillance systems, and every other connected solution. AVDG’s skilled network technicians meticulously design and install your network for maximum uptime and performance. Your team can expect handoff to be simple and the systems easy to operate, so you can focus on your organization’s core functions.

any environment

From a small office to a large college campus, we can build and scale your data network to any need or specification. We have extensive experience with all aspects of network design, cabling, and configuration for all types of networks, wired and wireless. We’ll help you achieve the same high-speed connectivity from anywhere on your network, seamlessly integrated throughout your office, building, or campus.

security & compliance

The security of your data is paramount. Our technical engineers employ the strongest security standards and safeguards, meeting the unique level of security your organization demands while adhering to all applicable industry codes. Rest assured that all sensitive data and records will be protected on your network when you’re working with us.

monitoring and service

You can complement data network design and installation with unparalleled service and monitoring of your systems. We’ll ensure the ongoing functionality and connectivity of your systems while keeping your networks up-to-date and defending them from threats. The high level of expertise of our technicians enables them to resolve issues before you’re even aware of them. They can also provide remote technical support when needed

why AVDG?

Our expertise and consultative approach set us apart. We design your network to your exact needs and support it with continuous monitoring, defensive management, and remote technical support.

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