different types of golf simulators for your home or enterprise

on 02.01.21

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A golf simulator adds value and entertainment to any space, whether you’re enhancing your home, a corporate game room, a condominium, or other environments. As AV experts, AVDG specializes in configuring and installing world-class golf simulation technology for residential and commercial spaces.

There are several options when it comes to types of golf simulators. One brand we often work with is Full Swing, which is available in three different models. Here’s a quick breakdown of each model to help you determine which solution is right for your needs.

pro series golf simulator

The Pro Series golf simulator is installed in the homes of PGA Tour champions. It combines infrared lightwave technology with a high-speed camera to show real ball flight without delay, resulting in an unparalleled life-like experience. This model is ideal for players looking for precise accuracy when practicing their swing.

Full Swing’s patented technology is able to provide such precision by using 360-degree infrared tracks and an Ion3 high-speed camera to capture ball flight, measuring speed, direction, and launch angle. An energy-absorbing diffuser makes the transition to the screen smooth, while the cinema-quality projector displays a life-like image. And you can be sure that you can play hard on the durable industrial hitting mat.

A custom-designed, beautiful solid wood enclosure, and platform can be configured in multiple size options, from compact to a 16-foot-wide screen, making this a versatile product that can fit many types of spaces. Software add-ons include swing analysis, the best courses in the world, and multisport gaming.

sports series simulator

The Sports Series simulator has features similar to the Pro Series at a lower price point. It uses high-speed cameras to analyze the swing and ball path. Overhead, Ion3 technology captures the club and ball at impact, measuring club path, club speed, and ball dynamics. Once the ball is high, high-speed line scan cameras measure ball speed, ball direction, and launch angle. With this dual tracking technology, you can expect the most reliable camera-based ball flight and data feedback on the market.

When the ball hits the screen, the energy is absorbed and diffused, creating a life-like transition. A cinema-quality projector creates realistic course displays, and the industrial hitting mat ensures you won’t tear up the space. There are more than 60 size configurations available, and each includes a solid wood enclosure. Add-on software includes swing analysis, world-class course options, and multisport gaming.

virtual green

If you want to create an immersive and interactive short game experience, the Virtual Green is the unbeatable choice. Using multi-layer construction and actuators beneath the surface, it uses patented technology to change the slope and undulation in a way that mimics any putting contour in golf.

Control the contour of the green with an HD touchscreen. Settings include uphill, downhill, left break, right break, hills, and valleys. You can also choose from dozens of actuator modules that shape the green into real-world topographies in seconds. Visualize your putt lines by activating Putt View.

You can choose from several designs, making the green optimal for a variety of residential and commercial spaces.

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