discover the luxury of home automation

on 07.16.21

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We live in an exciting time with more smart technology allowing our devices to connect on a level that we have never seen before. Making sure that your technology is smart together, and not just operating individually, can take your home to the next level. AVDG has over 20 years of experience helping integrate residential AV solutions that empower and elevate your home. See how your home can do more for you with integrated audio visual home automation solutions from AVDG.

discover a better way to listen

Creating a space in your home that is both acoustically friendly as well as integrated in order to maximize your listening experience is critical. Remembering to charge a speaker or struggling through the set up of a plug-in sound system is a pain. With integrated home audio systems throughout your home, speakers cluttering counters are gone. Home audio is integrated directly into cabinets or ceilings.

Choose whole home audio, or simply select one room of your house. With intuitive controls, high-quality sound, and complete control, your options are limitless. Whether you are relaxing at dinner, or looking to sing your own karaoke in the kitchen or living room, integrated audio solutions by AVDG gives you the power and versatility to do so.

comfort at the touch of a button

Forget waking up too cold or too hot. AVDG can implement carefully calibrated climate systems designed to automate climate control systems, improving your comfort and reducing energy costs. From smart thermostats to automatic heating and cooling systems, each project we work on is unique to the client. Remotely monitor performance and activate different critical functions, all from a centralized location. We can help your environment become more efficient, accurate, and cost-effective.

Lighting is another key area to help your home reach the next level through technological integration. AVDG tailors each lighting control system to specifically enhance the dynamic aspects of your home. This means that you will save money with intelligent lighting that utilizes less energy, and paired with seamless controls and automation.

sleep sound with integrated surveillance

You shouldn’t ever have to wonder if you and your family are safe in your own home. Integrated security systems give you peace of mind while providing robust surveillance that isn’t an eyesore. AVDG only works with the latest technology, providing surveillance customized to your environment and working with your security provider in order to seamlessly incorporate all aspects of your home surveillance with your security.

our approach

For more than 20 years, AVDG has created the most sophisticated, intuitive, and reliable environments, fostering simplicity in each home and office. We partner with you to identify the right solutions based on your space and needs. Our experts will bring your vision to life, making valuable recommendations that enhance your environment and maximize your investment. Discover innovative AV solutions that will empower and elevate spaces. Contact us today to begin your initial consultation by visiting our website, calling us at (866) 985-2834, or emailing us at [email protected].