diversity & inclusion

on 07.06.22

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we champion diversity

At AVDG, we welcome all. The core values of AVDG are respect, integrity, passion, and a customer-focused attitude. These values are reflected in the diversity of our team across all of our departments and locations around the United States – so that all team members feel equally valued and supported.

a proactive initiative

As part of AVDG’s Diversity & Inclusion Initiative, we actively explore the ways a lack of diversity affects our ability to attract and keep top talent. This initiative provides necessary training to identify bias and prejudiced thinking, as well as developmental activities that promote inclusion at all levels within the organization.

a diverse workforce

AVDG is dedicated to advancing the recruitment, retention, and promotion of people from a variety of backgrounds and experiences, so that our team better reflects the diversity of the communities we work in. We offer a variety of opportunities to advance and develop, and we work to provide a supportive environment where employees can perform at their full potential. Much more than “AV jobs,” our opportunities are entryways into thriving AV career pathways.

inclusion at every level

We leverage diversity to create a fair and high-performing culture. Our Diversity & Inclusion Initiative is an ongoing process where we gather feedback and learn from others’ experiences. This provides the opportunity to discuss complex issues of diversity deficits and ways to address them. It also empowers our employees to bring their experiences and ideas to the table, so we can all learn and grow together.

Team members are empowered to shape the company culture through inclusive leadership, enhanced engagement opportunities, and accommodations for those who want to express their opinions.

full belonging

It is just as important for AVDG to be a place of belonging for all as it is a workplace that strives to promote and practice diversity and inclusivity. Belonging is a sense of full membership, trust, support, and acceptance for every member of the team. We strive to create an environment where people feel safe to be themselves and to be valued for their contributions.

differences as strength

It’s only by putting in the continuous effort and being honest with ourselves that we can hope to build and sustain the type of culture of belonging that includes everyone. By doing this work, we can cultivate a workforce that is not only diverse, but is also stronger because it represents many perspectives and experiences.

opportunities for growth

At AVDG, we work to make sure our employees can grow, learn, and advance their careers. We also work to ensure that everyone is given fair access to opportunities, regardless of background. This improves the overall employee experience and helps us build a stronger organization.

By investing in the professional development of our employees, we give them the chance to build the skills, knowledge, and experience needed for success. We also provide opportunities for our employees to learn from each other through peer-to-peer learning, mentoring, and other developmental activities.

ensuring fair & equitable pay

To ensure we are providing equal and fair compensation for our employees, we review our compensation practices routinely. We strive for overall transparency, so that our employees can see how their compensation compares to the compensation of other employees in similar positions. Whether it’s a position “in the field” as a CTS Certified Technician, Certified Technology Specialist, AV Installer, or a behind-the-scenes role in HR, accounting, marketing, or management, every position receives equitable pay across the board based on qualifications and experience.

join our diverse team

Discover what it’s like to be a part of a team that is committed to diversity, inclusion, and belonging. In the AVDG family, you’ll experience an unparalleled work environment that is strengthened by the diversity of our team. From AV installer jobs to AV engineering careers and beyond, we offer a range of opportunities at every level of expertise.

View our careers page to learn more about the many career opportunities available at AVDG.