employee spotlight – paul morelli

residential installer

on 05.13.22

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This month, we are shining the spotlight on one of our skilled residential installers, Paul Morelli. Several AVDG team members recently had the opportunity to watch Paul live in action on a job site, and the pride in his work really shines through. He is passionate about his job, and he brings a positive attitude to everything he does.

One of Paul’s favorite aspects of his job is training customers how to use their systems –and wowing them in the process. “What is great about the end of a project is not just seeing the finished installation,” said Paul. “It’s when you hand over the system to the customer and train them how to use it, and you see the joy on their face as they understand the use and the experience. You get to share things that they didn’t even expect their system would be able to do.”

Paul gave the example of showing a customer how their shades can be programmed to change as the sun hits their windows during the day. This turns the training into a wow experience that makes the customers show off our work to friends and family, often leading to new referrals. Additionally, Paul notes, that doing it right the first time minimizes the risk of future service calls. It ensures that the customer can enjoy their system with minimal interaction from our side.

This “big-picture” thinking is what drives Paul to constantly strive for the best in everything he does. He understands the impact that his work has on the company as a whole. The better he is at his job, the better experience the customer gets, Paul says.

“At the end of the day, when we take the time to flesh out exactly what the customer wants out of their system and show them what we’ve created, that’s when our customers are going to bring people into their home and showcase our work to their family and our friends,” Paul says.”Create that experience at every finish. That’s when we get referrals for the company and the entire team. They will share how AVDG went the extra mile for them.”

Anybody can come in and simply do the job, Paul says, but what sets AVDGapart is the attention to detail and the customer care. When customers refer us, it allows us to grow, and then the entire team will be able to succeed. That’s the big picture that he wants the entire team to remember, especially when it comes to training new members so that they too will understand the vital role they play in AVDG’s success.

“The stronger the team is, the stronger the individual is. My success is their success,” Paul says. “It’s really about working as a team. When there’s something I don’t know, I reach out to someone who does, and without that help, I wouldn’t be able to deliver.”

We admire Paul for always having a positive outlook and understanding that what he does has a tremendous impact on the team and on the company. Please join us in commending Paul for his outstanding work, passion, and professionalism!