everything you need to know about automated video surveillance systems

on 03.11.21

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Video surveillance provides a vital layer of security for residential and commercial environments, keeping occupants and property safe, as well as providing peace of mind.
Today’s automated video surveillance systems are affordable, easy to use, high quality, and more intelligent than ever. Here’s what you need to know about installing a smart surveillance system in your home or business.
multiple applications
Video surveillance systems have many practical applications for homes or businesses. Multiple cameras can be installed on a wired or wireless network and can be monitored on site or remotely via users’ connection to the internet. While cameras can serve as a deterrent to intruders if they are highly visible, they can also be hidden in walls, ceilings, or other fixtures if you require more discretion or wish to maintain the aesthetic of your space.
motion activation
Save energy and avoid unnecessary recording with fully automating video recording. Indoor and outdoor cameras can be motion-activated, so that you’re only capturing relevant footage, and you’ll receive notifications when the cameras are triggered. You can activate this feature (or automatically time it to activate) when you’re away, so that you’re not unnecessarily interrupted during periods of high traffic. In this way, you can rest assured whenever you’re away from the property or want to monitor secure areas.
high definition and night vision
Most automated video surveillance systems today offer have high definition and night vision options. The result is crystal-clear footage that accurately captures what happens, no matter what time of day it is. You can choose how powerful you want your cameras to be regarding how far the motion detection reaches and from what distance you get a clear picture. More advanced commercial-grade video surveillance systems allow for long-range zooming, as well as 360-degree pan and tilt capabilities.
two-way communication
Video surveillance isn’t just for capturing footage. You can also install a system that allows you to communicate between the camera and the monitoring device. One common application is a video doorbell or access control system, which allows you to speak directly to any visitors via your mobile device directly to the front door. Other types of cameras also have this speaker option.
remote monitoring and cloud storage
You can monitor your video surveillance system from anywhere using a connected mobile device and receive notifications whenever motion sensors are activated. This makes it easy to keep track of what is happening when you’re away and control the system as desired. Store video recordings using cloud services and access them anytime from anywhere.
integration with security systems
Not only does automated video surveillance give you peace of mind and two-way communication, but it can be integrated with other security features, including alarms, lighting, and professional alarm-monitoring services. With the right combination of technologies, you can enjoy the benefits of a full-service alarm system for maximum protection of your home or business.
work with the experts
AVDG specializes in automated video surveillance systems for homes and businesses. Our team works with clients to achieve the exact level of security they require, in a variety of applications. Contact us to discuss your options, and we’ll be happy to help you design a system customized to your unique needs.