experience surround sound with reference speakers by sonance

on 09.15.19

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When it comes to building your dream home theater, two aspects are absolutely critical: audio and video. For a fully immersive experience that rivals the movie theater, you want to engulf the room in high-fidelity surround sound. One speaker that our clients love and are able to accomplish this is the Reference Series by Sonance.

AVDG partners with Sonance to provide our customers with some of the best audio equipment available anywhere. Learn more about Reference speakers and subwoofers to find out if these could be the right solution for your living room, media room, or dedicated home theater.

why surround sound?

Sure, you can watch a movie or play a video game with your TV’s built-in speakers, but the experience will be far from engrossing. A high-quality soundbar is a step up, to be sure, but to feel as though you’re really in the film or game, you need speakers mounted all around the room to create a 5- or 7-channel system.

In short, surround sound is designed to bring out the best in television, movies, and gaming. Once you hear the exhilarating sonic performance for yourself, you’ll never want to go back!

speaker sound quality

Reference is a new line from Sonance that offers all-new driver technology and consistent tonal matching between products. This makes it easy to mix and match speaker and subwoofer models based on your needs and budget without sacrificing performance, no matter the volume. At the same time, integrated enclosures offered with in-wall and in-ceiling speakers reduce the sound transfer into adjoining rooms to prevent disrupting other family members.

Products in the Reference Series feature Sonance Klippel II technology, which ensures that each movement is carefully measured and accurately tuned. This—combined with high excursion woofers, individual crossover networks, a fourth-generation coaxial driver, optimized diffraction baffle, and new matte finish—makes Reference the ultimate standard in fidelity. Although we try, the sound is truly indescribable and one that you must experience.

in-wall and in-ceiling speaker aesthetics

Reference speakers were designed for audio-visual specialists looking to achieve the best possible surround sound performance with striking good looks to match. This series is available in multiple configurations, including in-wall and in-ceiling speakers. In-wall subwoofers are also available.

If you opt for Reference in-wall or in-ceiling speakers, rest assured that they come with the same award-winning low-profile grille design as the rest of the in-wall products from Sonance. This way, you achieve a consistent aesthetic if you have multiple speaker types throughout your home.

In-wall and in-ceiling speakers feature a one-piece paintable grille that makes it easy to match the color of the adjoining wall or ceiling with a one-step painting process. The goal is to achieve a product that blends in so well; you can barely see it. This way, you get to enjoy unbeatable highs, mids, and lows without visual distraction.

Do you currently have a Visual Performance Cinema system installed? Rest assured that the footprint of the new Reference series matches this older line exactly. Therefore, when the time comes to upgrade your existing in-wall or in-ceiling speakers, you can do so easily with no additional construction required.

cabinet speaker aesthetics

If you don’t have the desire or capability to install speakers in the wall or ceiling, you can still benefit from the incredible fidelity of Reference speakers by choosing the cabinet style. This is the ideal choice for built-in entertainment units.

Cabinet speakers come with a piano-black finish and black speaker cloth to create an elegant, minimalistic appearance. It’s perfectly acceptable to mix and match in-wall and in-ceiling speakers with cabinet speakers to achieve the optimal sound layout in any room.

At AVDG, we believe that no in-home surround sound system is complete without amazing speakers, such as the Reference Series by Sonance. Give our design team a call today at 888-505-1922 to get your home theater project underway! We can tackle every aspect of the design, from audio and video to lighting and automated control.