Do Forget to Turn Off the Lights: How the Smart Home Takes Care of You

Tablet Smart Home Control System

What Is a Smart Home?

Though the term “smart home” might sound like something out of a robot apocalypse film, it’s nothing more than a way to describe a technologically-advanced network that allows you to easily control your home’s major systems. Examples of technologies in smart homes include home audio automation systems for music in any room, app-controlled thermostats for remote adjustment, and even home security systems with phone connectivity for easy monitoring and protection.
Whatever the house and whatever the system, integrated networks of home technology are creating new ways of smart living that give homeowners unprecedented control and ease of access to their home’s central systems.

Automated Lighting Systems

Another popular choice for smart home technology is that of an automated lighting system. This unique option allows homeowners to remotely control the lights in any connected room in the house, at any time, as well as to program automatic turn-on and turn-off times.
Many such automated lighting systems allow homeowners to control their lights from the convenience of a phone app that can connect to their smart home via Wi-Fi. This means no more stressing over whether you remembered to turn off the lights. At the tap of a screen, you can turn off all the lights in your home, from anywhere with internet access.

Boost Your Existing Home Lighting’s IQ

For those whose homes are, shall we say, “vintage,” there’s great news: You don’t need to have a newly-built modern house to employ modern smart home technology. In fact, plenty of systems are available that are suited for installation in just about any home. If you have any concerns about whether the existing electrical system will be compatible with certain automated lighting technology, talk to a home automation professional about what you might need to do before installation.
Keep in mind that, in general, smart home technology like automated lighting does require a decent wireless internet connection to function (and, in some cases, a phone compatible with its controller app). Before purchasing and installing an automated lighting system in your home, make sure that you’ve got all the basic infrastructure in place.
If you have a home where the Wi-Fi signal isn’t great in some areas of the house, you may want to look into your options for improving its range. Otherwise, some of your smart technology sensors may not connect properly.

Smart Home Technology from AVDG

If you’re interested in making your home smarter with an automated lighting, audio, security, or another system, the automation experts at AVDG can help make your dream home a reality! Take your lifestyle from lackluster to luxury with a beautifully-designed and automated home theater system. Or, empower Mom and Dad in their golden years with convenient motorized window treatments!
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