full swing golf simulator

on 10.19.20

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Imagine being able to work on your golf game in the comfort of your own home … or being able to provide that experience as a unique perk to your residents, customers, clients, or employees.

With a Full Swing Golf Simulator from AVDG, you can create a life-like golfing experience in nearly any space. AVDG specializes in integrating these state-of-the-art simulators in a wide variety of environments, from residential spaces to multi-dwelling units and commercial buildings.

Golf simulators are not only tons of fun, but can also provide valuable insight to help golfers improve their technique and maximize performance.
Here’s what you need to know about them.

what is a golf simulator?

With a cutting-edge golf simulator like Full Swing, you can virtually play championship golf courses while working on your technique. Use your favorite club to hit a real ball into a screen. The technology provides realistic ball-flight simulation on the screen, so you can see the trajectory of your shot as if it were in real life.

A golf simulator can provide additional entertainment experiences as well. Practice soccer, football, baseball, and even dodgeball with various software applications. You can also watch movies and play games on the big screen, making it the ultimate interactive entertainment device.

how it works

The Full Swing Golf Simulator is designed to provide a realistic golfing experience. You place a ball in front of the screen, which displays the course you’re playing (or driving range or putting green, if you’d like to practice). A high-speed overhead camera captures your clubhead and swing. After it is hit, the ball crosses two infrared tracks, which measure ball speed, launch angle, and direction.

The result is unmatched accuracy when it comes to displaying ball flight on the screen. What’s more, the Full Swing Golf software provides graphics with unparalleled detail of some of the world’s most famous courses. Golf professionals love using this technology to practice courses on the PGA tour.

Not only will you have a realistic visual experience, but the simulator can also provide instant feedback about your swing, so you can improve your game. You can customize your practice by adjusting wind and moving target greens. And don’t forget your short game; you can add buckets to practice putting and watch your ball break just as it would on a physical course.

golf simulator uses

A golf simulator has multiple applications in private and public enterprises. Create the ultimate entertainment suite in the comfort of your own home and be the most popular host in town. It’s also ideal as an amenity in luxury condos, apartments, and hotels. AVDG has installed Full Swing technology in luxury multi-dwelling units like Elevate Chicago and Vista Tower.

Commercially, you can use this technology as an experience at entertainment centers and bars to keep customers engaged, or at an event like a conference or convention. And of course, it’s an unbeatable year-round training platform for college golfers, golf professionals, and serious amateurs.

consult with AVDG to install your golf simulator

Whether for private or commercial use, we can custom install your golf simulator according to your needs. While Full Swing is the primary brand we use, we can also explore other options if you desire alternative features.

Contact us today for a free consultation to discuss your golf simulator and other audio visual technology options.