get ready to entertain with luxury audio-visual integrations

on 11.15.21

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When you open your home to others for entertainment, it’s about more than the food you serve or the game playing on TV. The entire event is a symphony of sounds and sights that your friends and family experience while in your space – and not all spaces are created equal.

Outfitting your home with a fully-integrated luxury audio-visual system can transform your event into an unforgettable experience for your guests. With every detail managed by audiovisual experts, and years of experience installing and testing cutting-edge equipment, our professionals at AVDG can help craft the perfect entertainment space. Keep reading to learn how.

home control systems

One of the most impactful ways to upgrade your home for seamless integration is by installing a home control system. These innovative frameworks connect every aspect of your home and display the information in a simple and intuitive way. These control systems can integrate every facet from lighting to sound, security to shading. Adjustable from a wall panel or wireless device, or even remotely, this system will ensure the conditions of your environment are always exactly how you want them. Automation is also a plus, meaning that each of these features can be programmed to adjust automatically based on routines, events (such as a dinner party), schedules and other factors.

intelligent home design

The audiovisual technicians at AVDG can help amplify the design of your space through the implementation of cutting edge smart home technology. We will work with you to help create a spatial layout of your entertainment area that fits your preferences and augments the audiovisual experience. Designed for sophistication and convenience, smart systems can be installed that integrate sound, lighting, climate control, motorized window treatments, and even security systems.

All of these features can be integrated while maintaining a minimalist installation – no cluttered cords or visible components. We pride ourselves on providing a world-class audio-visual ambience with simplicity and a clean aesthetic.

Our intelligent home designs are proven to increase the energy efficiency of the space as well, saving you real dollars in electricity costs in the long run.

audio & video distribution expertise

When you are entertaining, the right audio and video systems can go a long way in creating the perfect setting for your event. Utilizing a distribution system to stream high-definition audio and video throughout your home will ensure that your guests can enjoy music or movies from any room. Our technicians will help design a custom solution specifically for your home that accents certain spaces, and WE can even give recommendations on seating arrangements based on speaker placement.

Our technicians are well-versed in the most advanced equipment and can act as consultants to advise you on which technical capabilities best fit your space, including speakers, sound bars, audio control modules, and more.

Your home theater is a whole different ball game as well: if your entertainment space is your theater, then AVDG can help make it the centerpiece of your home. We have crafted more than 150 luxury home theaters for residential partners, customizing each aspect from design to equipment, control, lighting, audio, seating…we do it all. Allow your guests to step into an immersive experience with a fully outfitted luxury theater and take your entertaining to the next level.

outfit your luxury home with AVDG

Start enhancing the design and audio experience of your home today by consulting the professionals at AVDG. Through consultation, design, and implementation, our team will work to understand your exact needs and build a system that fulfills them. With our team of high-performing experts, tried-and-true standardized procedures and 24/7 emergency support services, AVDG is your go-to when it comes to taking your home to the next level. Schedule a consultation today.