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Across the federal, state, and local level, government agencies require reliable technology to connect, collaborate, and respond quickly to crises. AVDG’s audio-visual solutions provide the communications infrastructure they need to stay agile and make informed decisions. Our wide array of A/V solutions include video conferencing technology, control-center AV, video walls, digital signage, and more.

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AVDG offers an extensive range of audio-visual and communications solutions to support any agency in the public sector, including law enforcement, utilities, emergency command centers, court systems, transportation hubs, health agencies, library systems, and others.

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Virtual classrooms

conferencing technology

Effective communication is vital for any government agency. AVDG specializes in robust video conferencing solutions to keep teams closely connected, even when they are spread across the country. Well-positioned cameras and bidirectional microphones throughout the space capture every participant, and every moment, including whiteboards and presentation areas.

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office automation

Automated features like shades and lighting respond to users’ presence, getting meetings started without delay or distraction. Participants can kick off meetings by simply entering the room or interacting with easy-to-use touchscreens on the conference table. Users’ personal devices connect automatically with technology within the room, allowing them to control the meeting on the fly.

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control center a/v

Control centers play a crucial role in dispatching personnel and responding rapidly to a variety of situations. AVDG outfits these vital environments with connected video displays and video walls to provide a clearer picture of where things stand. A/V distribution capabilities enable you to stream video throughout a space or an entire building.

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Remote worker

remote collaboration

Connect with other agencies or remote staff in an instant. AVDG supports hybrid teams with the same conferencing technology that powers on-site operations. Powerful audio-video components ensure that every participant is clearly seen and heard, no matter where they’re located.

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AVDG holds certifications with all major audio-video manufacturers. Additionally, all the solutions we provide are in compliance with the Trade Agreement Act (TAA).

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AVDG is a leader in intelligent office design and automation. Founded in 1996, we have completed more than 3,000 connected workspaces for some of the world’s biggest companies, as well as small businesses. Our unmatched expertise and consultative approach are what set us apart. We proudly employ a diverse team of highly skilled professionals who ensure impeccable results for every project.