Leading Home Automation Services and Technologies from AVDG

In 1999, AVDG began by offering low-budget technology services. Today, we’re a leading provider of residential and commercial automation technologies. Our services range from consultation to planning, to full implementation of a variety of automation systems, including audio/video, security, climate control, digital signage, and entertainment.
Our team is highly experienced in the field. For each project, we deploy trained technicians who know how to develop a customized plan, using everything from color illustrations to 3D CAD software. They can create a system that works for a house or multi-dwelling apartment building, an office campus, or a medical facility. Our service offerings fall into two main categories, with so many possibilities for each:

Residential Automation

Intelligent home design means having a house that can be fully customized to your lifestyle. Control the lighting with smart lights or install motorized blinds that can let in exactly the amount of sunlight. Time the action to help you wake up in the morning or enjoy a peaceful afternoon on the couch.
Our technicians also specialize in home theater installation using the latest options, including Leon speakers and TVs you can control from a computer, tablet, or smartphone. In fact, any feature can now be controlled remotely, and you can benefit from additional home automation options such as:

  • Home climate control systems
  • Lighting controls
  • Custom home theaters
  • Audio and video distribution
  • Home surveillance systems
  • Motorized window treatments

Commercial Automation

Custom intelligent office design enables us to maximize the efficiency, productivity, and functionality of any office in Highland Park, IL. Create optimal temperature and lighting conditions and control music and other atmospheric elements to boost employee productivity and concentration. Automation technology aids in communication and collaboration as well. From conferencing systems to digital displays and audio automation systems, we offer what today’s businesses need, including the most advanced office security systems.
Commercial services offered by AVDG include:

  • Office lighting control
  • Video conferencing systems
  • Digital signage displays
  • Audio/video distribution
  • Climate control
  • Motorized window treatments
  • Security

Meeting Your Home Automation Needs

People lived without automation at home for a long time, but everyday life is now made simpler with many types of home control in Highland Park. Whether home or not, lighting, security, and temperature can be controlled remotely. Automation systems can even be managed from a smartphone, which can help adjust the temperature before you walk in the door or track security concerns remotely.
At AVDG, we not only address your security and comfort but entertainment as well. Modern home theaters have advanced audio, video, and control features, allowing you to access television content from anywhere in the house or enjoy a movie-theater-like experience without stepping outside. Sound systems from Sonance and other industry-leading brands are available to make life at home an experience that can’t be beat.

Contact AVDG for the Ultimate Smart Home Experience

AVDG specializes in many types of automation systems. Each project starts with a consultation where an experienced professional determines the optimal solutions for your home or office. A system is then designed using state-of-the-art technology. Our solutions are practical, creative, and intuitive. The complexity of projects is no problem, so chat or request a consultation with us online, or call our Northern Suburbs office at 888-505-1922 for assistance in Highland Park, IL.