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on March 2nd, 2020
home audio and video distribution systems


With AVDG whole home audio & video distribution systems, you’ll enjoy premium media outfitted to fit a family’s environment, aesthetic, and utility. From cinema-quality in-home theater to room-to-room audio management, this exceptional technology creates state-of-the-art entertainment spaces.

seamless streaming and control

AVDG’s premium systems can seamlessly integrate the devices in every space, making it effortless to control household entertainment, from the living room to the patio. Sync devices in order to conveniently access programs in any room, all from simplified control devices that can be discreetly hidden. Professional installation by AVDG’s skilled designers and technicians ensures that families can enjoy premium video and music in an aesthetically simplistic environment throughout the whole home.

cutting-edge technology

All of the audio and visual devices throughout a home can work together with the right integration technology. AVDG works within existing systems to provide an innovative solution to sync your entertainment needs, complete with reliable remote access. Use voice control within the home to access the control devices or with your mobile device, so you never have to look for a lost remote.

smart automation

Never miss a program again with automated recording and remote access. You can also customize your system with automated timers and volume control, so you can get an optimal entertainment experience (or automatically turn it off) whenever a family needs it.

the AVDG difference

AVDG has built a reputation for quality and world-class expertise over two decades. Our passion is to collaborate with you as a partner, providing a customized, integrated system that best suits the needs of your residential space.

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