What Is Home Audio and Video Distribution?

Home Entertainment SystemThe term “smart home” has become increasingly common in the last few years. From app-enabled thermostats to voice-activated lighting systems, we’re integrating technology into our homes more than ever before.

Whole-House A/V Distribution

While it may sound like something profoundly technical, home audio and video distribution is a relatively simple concept. By using small devices hidden from view connected to a centralized control system, homeowners can play music and video throughout their homes without obvious wires and receivers. With the help of a knowledgeable smart home design team and professional installers, you can create a modern entertainment experience with a nod to practicality.

Unique Benefits and Uses

Thanks to modern advances in wireless and mobile media sharing and control technology, homeowners can create customized systems that provide a variety of unique benefits. The following are only a few of the possibilities:

  • In-wall and/or in-ceiling speakers

Get a chic, minimalist look with in-wall or in-ceiling speakers that blend in seamlessly.

  • Multi-room audio

Let your music follow you around the house with a multi-room audio system controllable from a single point.

  • HD cable or DVD video across rooms

You’ll never have to miss a scene or pause a DVD with HD video sharing across multiple rooms and televisions.

  • Multiple inputs on multiple screens

Keep several audio/visual devices in one centralized location and view any one of them from any connected screen in your home. Rather than needing a DVD player in every room or having to run cable through the wall, you can have easy access to all of your entertainment options with a much simpler, cleaner setup.

  • Whole-house entertainment for parties

Imagine hosting a party and being able to fill each and every room with party tunes at the touch of a button. Don’t worry about having to corral groups of guests into a single room for a slide show; broadcast video on televisions and monitors across the house so that friends and family can enjoy it from a variety of locations.
Whatever kind of entertainment experience you have envisioned for your home, AVDG can help you make it a reality using innovative wireless technology and careful system design.

Re-Imagine Home Entertainment with AVDG

At AVDG, our passion is helping homeowners leverage cutting-edge technology to create a better, more efficient living space. With our home audio and video distribution solutions, you can have perfectly-synced HD movies, TV shows, music, and more in every room of your house without all the extra equipment and wiring. Never worry about fighting for the remote again; your family can access any connected device from any connected screen throughout your home for instant satisfaction.
In addition to helping you create the best possible home entertainment system, our expert smart home designers can help you explore how other home automation systems can enhance your home experience. Introduce truly modern convenience with automated lighting, blinds, climate control, and much more, all managed simply from one point of control. To get started, request a consultation with us at (312) 829-9145.

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