With just a few weeks until Christmas, you’ve probably crossed a few people off your list but, chances are, you’ve still got some gift buying to do. Make this the year when you purchase gifts that are super unique and usable for years to come. In today’s highly tech-based world, people on your list are sure to enjoy the gift of home automation. Keep reading for our home automation holiday gift guide for 2017.

Home Intelligent Design

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As the success of smart devices continues to grow, more homeowners are looking for ways to transform their home into a smart home. With home intelligence design, the entire house is designed to adapt to a particular lifestyle. Once the sun starts the rise, the house wakes up, too. The lights turn on with a low dim and the blinds are opened just enough to allow some sunlight to entire.
A smart home can be designed to play certain music in the morning and set the heat to a specific temperature. These systems are even useful outside of the home, allowing the ability to lock doors and turn on the alarm system with the push of a button.
With our home automation systems, we use modern technology to make life more convenient and comfortable for you. A home control system makes controlling security, lighting, temperature, and even entertainment systems within the home a breeze. All systems can be controlled with the push of a button or tapping an icon on a smartphone.

Motorized Window Blinds

Motorized Window Blinds
Nowadays, window treatments are more than just the style, material, and color, but how blinds are controlled is also worth considering. The days of fumbling around with cords are of the past with motorized window blind and electric blind systems. These blinds provide privacy and lighting as any other blinds but without the hassle of opening and closing them manually. With our motorized window blinds, you can close all of the blinds in your home with one simple button.
With motorized blinds, you can protect your furniture and better manage the temperature in your home or office. When it’s getting too warm, lower the blinds. Or, for added privacy for a company meeting, tap the icon on your phone to lower the shades. Electric blinds improve the functionality of any dwelling, including residential and office buildings.
The gift of motorized window blinds is ideal for the environmentally conscious person on your list. These blinds can cut the cost of heating and cooling, as well protect furniture and other important items. Most importantly, electric blinds provide an added convenience that everyone can enjoy.

Home Lighting Control

Home Lighting Control Device
Ever had a morning when you think you left a light on in your home? We’ve all had one of those days when we’ve had to rush around and, in turn, we make the mistake of leaving the lights on or forgetting something at home. With home lighting control, the lights in your residence can be controlled from anywhere at any time.
The days of struggling to turn the lights on when your hands or full or the worry of keeping your home completely black when you’re away are of the past! With the right lighting control system, you can easily turn inside and outside lights on and off. This means no more frustration with bulky light control panels.
Outside of the convenience of the system, it also allows users to reduce their footprint. The system makes going green completely effortless. You can turn lights off or dim them to reduce the amount of electricity that’s used daily. Lighting control systems also allow users to effortlessly control the mood and ambiance of their home.

Home Surveillance System

Surveillance Camera
When you’re not at home, you want the peace of mind knowing that you don’t have to worry about its security. Traditional security systems require you to set them before leaving your house or activate them while you’re at home—but wouldn’t it be nice to have a home security system that works as hard as you do?
AVDG’s home surveillance system can contact you in the event of an emergency. Our system is meant to actively defend and protect your home. When the system detects a potential burglar or some other threat, you’re alerted immediately. The system includes a variety of capabilities, including:

  • Smartphone door locking capability
  • CCTV cameras
  • Access to live footage

Being away from home can be stressful, but, with a AVDG home security system, your home is never out of reach, even if you’re thousands of miles away. You can view live footage of your home using your smartphone, allowing you to check in on the nanny and children or just for your own peace of mind.
AVDG’s home surveillance system will alert you in a variety of situations, including a car entering your driveway or someone knocking at the door, and even when a child is too close to an unattended pool.
Our home surveillance system is a good gift for the traveler or worrier on your list. You can give them the peace of mind of knowing that their home and valuables are protected, even when they’re away.

Home Climate Control

Home Climate Control Device
If you have an eco-conscious person on your list, definitely consider purchasing a home climate control system. These systems allow everyone to reduce their impact on the environment while also saving money on heating and cooling costs. With a smart home climate control system, controlling heating, cooling, and the temperature in your home is convenient and easy. When you’re not at home, the system can reduce your energy consumption by setting the proper temperature.
The system can also set certain temperatures depending on the temperature outside, as well as the time of day. This system is perfect for those people who love waking up to a warm room but sleep best in the cold. A smart home climate control system can provide the perfect environment for sleeping, entertaining, and more. The system can be controlled at home as well as on the go!
Most systems also provide metrics and data, including charts, daily readings, and energy consumption highlights. With this detailed data, the system can determine the eco-friendliness of your home. In turn, the user can make small changes to minimize their footprint as well as their energy usage.

Your Choice for Integrated Smart Home Design

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At AVDG, we offer fully integrated smart home systems as well as smart components. Our goal is to create a customized living experience that fits your lifestyle. While these systems are extremely high-tech, they’re built with simplicity in mind. Our systems aren’t complicated or intimidating, making them the ideal solution for anyone on the tech-savvy spectrum.
Make this holiday a memorable one with the gift of a smart system. You can choose to purchase a smart component, such as motorized blinds or smart lighting control, or purchase an entire home automation system. The options are truly endless! With this gift, you can rest assured that the recipient will be able to get the most out of their home every single day.
Are you ready to make a purchase? Give the gift of an automated home or an automated home component. Contact us at 888-505-1922. We look forward to providing you the best home automation systems for everyone on your list.