How Home Surveillance Systems Could Save Your Life

Home Security Systems
Protecting your family and your home is a primary objective most people share. To help make your job easier, you should consider a smart home surveillance system from AVDG. CCTV systems provide a good foundation for securing your home and keeping it safe at all times. Today’s modern systems can be customized to address all of your needs and concerns, and they offer numerous benefits, as follows.
Home security systems can lower your insurance rates. Having a system installed shows your commitment to taking steps to reduce risks of burglary and accidents around the home. Since video surveillance improves the security of your home, most insurance companies will reduce your rates.
CCTV systems supplement existing alarm systems you already have installed. If you already have a home alarm system installed, adding video cameras provides an added layer of protection because it records what is occurring in and around your home.
Surveillance security systems provide extra “eyes” to watch your home and property. It can be difficult to monitor different areas of the home using standard alarm systems. Plus, there really is no feasible way for you to watch every corner, location, and room of your home 24/7 without using CCTV.
Our systems can be designed to call emergency responders. In the event of a fire or break-in, our intelligent systems can call the police or fire department, as well as send an alert to your smartphone.
Emergency ResponderSmart systems are able to monitor video feeds and alert you to problems. Our systems incorporate intelligent features where the system will monitor specific video feeds, whether you are home or away. For instance, the system can be configured to alert you when a child is near a pool unsupervised, someone pulls into your driveway, or if there is a stranger on your property.
CCTV systems can provide added video surveillance in place of using other monitoring systems. For instance, you have a new baby and, instead of using a baby monitor, you can add a new camera in the baby’s room. You can also use our systems to monitor pets, elderly parents that live with you, and more. Some people even use our solutions to keep an “eye” on cleaning staff and contractors doing work in and around their homes.
Our surveillance security system can alert you to unlocked doors or open garage doors. This feature is great if you are in a hurry and forget to close the garage door or lock the door on your way out. In addition, if you have school-aged children who get home before you do, yet do not always remember to lock the door when they get home, the system will alert you so you can lock the doors remotely.
Smart Home Control System
• You can incorporate other “smart” home control systems into your CCTV design. From climate controls to lighting and motorized window treatments, you can choose from various options to enhance your home surveillance system. These features can provide peace of mind, like turning lights on at set times to make it look like someone is home to opening and closing blinds at different times of the day.
With home security and surveillance solutions from AVDG, you can rest easier knowing your home, pets, and loved ones are kept safe and secure. To learn more about our solutions and what type of system would be best for your home, please feel free to contact us at 888-505-1922 today!