how a custom-designed system improves communication and collaboration

on 03.01.20

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AVDG’s audiovisual systems are designed to enhance organizational communication and collaboration by incorporating smart technology through a workplace environment. Our experts work to make the best use of every space, bringing innovative solutions to boardrooms, all-hands meeting spaces, video conferencing rooms, huddle rooms, workplace cafés, common areas, and other areas. Since 1996, we have partnered with thousands of organizations, designing custom solutions that help their businesses thrive.

Your work environment can stand apart from the competition, attract top talent, and maximize collaboration and productivity with state-of-the-art, integrated AV technologies that are tailored to your organization’s unique needs. Here are some of the benefits of a custom-designed system.

clearer communication

Communication and collaboration are improved when teams can count on high-quality audio and video for conferencing, meetings, and events, and conferences. Our experienced sound engineers can bring crystal-clear sound quality to any room or environment through the use of sophisticated audio calibration.
With two decades of experience in commercial audio, we can provide solutions for any challenge, improving sound in highly reflective or “live”spaces, without the use of acoustic treatments.

You can enjoy superior audio in any environment, from single meetings rooms to large event venues and auditoriums. Whatever the challenge, our AV experts will work with you to identify the right solutions for your environment.

better technology

AVDG offers a wide range of cutting-edge AV integrations that can help your teams work smarter, no matter where they are. With the growth of telecommuting, we help bring remote teams together virtually with high-quality audio and video conferencing solutions. Integrated HD cameras, professional-grade microphones, and speakers enable participants to clearly hear and see one another from thousands of miles away.

Our AV experts can manage distribution of multiple video signals throughout the office, at high speed in high definition. Whether you’re using video displays within the building or want to stream a video conference across the globe, we can install and optimize video distribution so that your teams see a beautiful display and maximize their ability to communicate clearly and effectively.

stronger collaboration

Collaboration is critical to a business’s productivity and growth. But today’s open-office spaces can pose a unique challenge, discouraging teams from discussing projects in an open, noisy environment.Our solutions can mitigate noise as it travels through an open office, even in spaces where there are hundreds of employees. Our sound engineers and designers can outfit your space with active sound masking systems to reduce ambient noise, so teams can communicate more clearly.

We also specialize not only in office environments, but also restaurants, event spaces, recording studios and more. Whatever business you run, our engineers can elevate the sound quality so that your teams can do their best work together.

distributed audio

Keeping teams informed and engaged is easier when you have the right technology. Our distributed audio systems enable you to send live audio signals throughout a building or to select spaces. Enable teams to hear overflow audio from “all hands” meetings where physical space is limited. Send sound from live-entertainment spaces throughout the office for special events..

fun AV

Collaboration during “fun time”is an effective way to increase employee engagement and build team rapport, which can also improve overall morale and productivity. With recreational AV solutions you can create team-building opportunities at conferences and seminars as well as in the collaborative spaces built into your organization’s everyday work environment.

We help your teams connect in creative spaces such as office cinemas, game rooms, golf simulators, or AV-equipped break rooms. Our designers will work with you to bring your vision to life with robust audiovisual components, such as large projection screens, gaming systems, simulation environments, and more.

premium control systems

In a competitive business environment, your control systems should increase operational efficiency so that your employees spend less time figuring out the tech and more time working together and supporting your core mission. Our control systems streamline office technology, including all automated features and AV solutions. They are fully integrated, eliminating the need for multiple control panels and software applications.

With a single intuitive touch-screen interface, your employees can access your AV systems and make every adjustment needed, including network settings, audiovisual distribution and even lighting control. Since all of our systems are professionally installed, configured and tested by our experts, you get a solution that is fully integrated into your workspace and ready for immediate use.

system monitoring and service

Our relationships with clients don’t end with the installation of their systems. Any unexpected technical issues can bring communication to a halt, which is why it’s important to have support available to prevent problems and help fix them when they do arise.

With AVDG’s system monitoring and service, you can ensure that your AV systems are working smoothly—and when there is a problem, it will be addressed quickly. The Simplicity Support

Plan performs program optimization through internet, network, AV system and power monitoring and can perform maintenance and rebooting remotely. In addition, we’ll provide a system summary so you’ll know what services have been performed on your behalf.

design consistency

Create solutions that employees can trust and easily manage, no matter which office they visit. AVDG brings consistency to global businesses, creating standardized systems that are both scalable and repeatable across the organization’s sites. This includes design, build, consulting, and commissioning of rooms built both from standard templates and custom designs.

The result is a unified user experience from office to office for all systems, including conference rooms of various sizes, training spaces, community spaces, and consistent workplace features such as digital signage and distributed audio. Applying templates allows for rapid design and deployment of new rooms, and for consistency in the management of the tools. The systems are also scalable and can be expanded and further integrated as your needs grow.

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