how a digital display can change the game

on 11.14.22

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Digital displays can add eye-catching focal points to offices, hospitality businesses, and numerous commercial spaces. The visual effect alone can transform a bare wall into a vibrant accent that grabs the attention of your guests, customers, and employees.

But digital displays offer so much more than a mere optical enhancement. They add functionality to the space, sharing important information such as product offerings, pricing, and other messaging. They can support a business’s marketing and branding goals, while simultaneously serving as a communication tool.

In this blog post, we explore 7 ways that a digital display from AVDG can be a game-changer for your space.

1) visual impact 

First and foremost, today’s HD digital displays are stunning. They deliver brilliant color, vivid detail, and a flawless picture that brings a space to life.

Regardless of how your organization uses digital displays or where they are installed, these screens are guaranteed to be showstoppers. A rotating presentation of videos and graphics brings a wall to life, adding movement and a powerful focal point that is superior to any other type of wall décor. 

2) professionalism 

In addition to their stunning visual impact, digital displays also look professional. They add a high-end look to commercial spaces that impresses customers as well as your own internal teams.

From a single digital display to an expansive floor-to-ceiling video wall, these vibrant screens are a simple way to add wow factor to reception areas, entryways, office hallways, and other spaces.

3) functional messaging

In retail environments, digital displays are a powerful alternative to traditional static signage. They can be used to display information about your business, highlight featured products, show pricing, and more.

4) easier updates and management 

Another key benefit of digital displays is that they are easy to manage and change. That’s huge for businesses that need to frequently change their products or pricing, because it means they no longer need to spend valuable time and money replacing outdated signage.

With digital displays, updating the content is quick and easy. Simply swap in new images, slides, and videos as needed to reflect the latest information or to simply change things up over time.

5) corporate communication

In a corporate environment, digital displays are a great tool for communicating important information with employees. For example, they can be used to remind teams about upcoming all-hands meetings, training events, updates to HR policies, and other messaging.

In today’s fast-paced office environments, it’s all too easy for company emails to get buried in inboxes. Digital displays help to support those communications with bright, vibrant messaging that employees can’t miss.

6) educational content

In informational environments, such as museums, schools, and learning centers, digital displays are a great way to share educational content, exhibit info, or other messaging. 

That’s exactly what AVDG did at UCLA’s Hammer Museum in Los Angeles, where we installed vibrant digital displays for its outdoor kiosks. These displays incorporated two planar HX60 displays to showcase the museum’s many programs, exhibits, special announcements, and educational content. 

7) brand development

For businesses, digital displays can play an important role in your brand-development efforts. They can be used to display your company logos, colors, values, and other brand elements that make your business unique.

One creative use of digital displays is sharing interesting details about the company’s history or accolades. In reception areas, this helps guests understand what’s special about the business, which ultimately reinforces its brand identity.

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