how an audio visual system can help create the ambiance and lifestyle that prospective residents are looking for

on 03.01.20

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Offering the right amenities can help prospective residents visualize their lives in a new complex. AVDG’s experienced audiovisual and smart-system experts can help you create the luxury environment they’re looking for and set your condos apart from the competition. Our extensive range of custom-integrated solutions gives condominiums endless possibilities for creating high-value amenities, such as golf simulation rooms, theater rooms, audiovisual-equipped pool lounge areas, and more.

We have extensive experience designing and implementing luxury amenities at high-end condominium developments. AVDG offers world-class service and professionalism in bringing your audio visual amenities from conception to full realization.

fully customized

As a partner, we work closely with your stakeholders to identify the right solutions for your building, needs, and budget. Our teams are comprised of skilled engineers, designers, technicians, and project managers who will bring your vision to life, providing valuable insight on ways to maximize your investment. Every solution is fully customized to increase efficiency, streamline systems, and transform your environment.

If you can dream it, we can build it. Our relationship-first approach ensures that you get the custom design and build you want. Schedule a consultation to explore your options using forward-thinking technology solutions.

an industry leader

Since 1996, AVDG has led thousands of residential projects for condominiums, apartment complexes, and other multi-dwelling properties. We bring an unparalleled level of expertise to every project, helping our partners integrate a wide range of dependable, future-proofed technologies from the most trusted brands in the industry.

We’ve partnered with some of the world’s most prestigious organizations and creators, including developers, architects, and designers. Some of our residential partnerships and projects include:

  • Ascend Real Estate Group, Chicago
  • Troon Pacific, San Francisco
  • Millennium Tower, Chicago
  • Mystique Pelican Bay, Naples, Florida
  • NEMA, Chicago
  • Tribune Towers, Chicago
  • 10 Farnsworth, Boston
  • The Archer Residences, Boston

luxury amenities

The right technology enables any condominium to offer desirable, high-value amenities. AVDG’s solutions can deliver numerous benefits to residents: convenience, control, security, and energy efficiency. Upscale tech integrations complement residents’ lifestyles and enhance the appeal of the condominium.

Some of the most coveted amenities, powered by AVDG’s custom solutions, include:

automated units

Our state-of-the-art solutions bring secure automation to your residential units.Automatic “welcome”and “away”modes can be triggered by the resident’s car leaving or entering the complex. In turn, these modes can automate the unit’s lighting, shades, entertainment, energy management, temperature, and security systems.So the space always feels like home.

Not only does smart automation add comfort and convenience, but residents are also able to enjoy greater energy efficiency with their lighting and climate control. This also helps the whole complex operate with less energy waste. We’re proud to work with many clients with LEED-certified properties and contribute to greener energy.

amenity management

Give residents the ability to request a car valet, make reservations, order groceries, and more, right from the same interface they use to manage the rest of the unit. Automate your concierge services with an amenity management solution that allows residents to reserve pool chairs, tennis courts, cleaning services, and other amenities your building offers.

These features set your condominiums apart from the competition in a technologically-savvy housing market.


Streamline building communications and make them more convenient for package deliveries, event announcements, and maintenance updates. Integrate access control, audio-video monitoring, intercom abilities, and other features into the same system that powers your amenity management.

These systems are intuitive and easy to use for both staff and residents. We can integrate communication systems, including remote access, with mobile devices so that they can have confidence and peace of mind whether they are on-site or away.

theater media room

Create a professional-grade cinema, where residents can unwind or gather with family and guests. With more than two decades of audiovisual expertise, our design and installation experts oversee all aspects of your media room installation, including AV theater systems, lighting, window treatments, and more.Your residents can enjoy the movie theater experience, conveniently just steps away from their door.

fitness center

Turn conventional gym rooms into high-tech fitness environments.Residents can enjoy world class fitness conveniently within the same complex as their homes.Our specialists can elevate your condo’s fitness space with premium audiovisual design and installation, including TVs, sound systems, lighting, video walls, and other integrations. Additionally, our connected security and surveillance systems give residents the added peace of mind that their workout space is as safe and private as the rest of the building.

golf simulation room

Take your building’s audiovisual amenities to the next level with a realistic, high-definition golf simulation room. Our customized solutions bring world-class golf to your condominium, complete with vivid panoramic screens, swing analysis technology, life-like putting greens, and more. This cutting-edge technology is favored by golf professionals and can help residents work on their game year-round. It can also be configured for other entertainment and sports simulations like baseball, football and soccer, and it converts into a private theater.

system monitoring and service

Get the support you need, when you need it, to ensure that your audio visual systems are running at full capacity and fully optimized. Managing them is simple with the AVDG Simplicity Support plan. Our team of experts will continually monitor functionality and connectivity, and we’ll resolve issues before they even come to your attention. Technicians can also provide remote support as needed whenever issues arise.

You’ll also receive a system summary with details about support tickets, system auto reboots and the cost savings you’ll enjoy.

request a free consultation

Get started exploring the possibilities for your condominium audio visual solutions today. Our expert team will assess your space and collaborate with your project’s stakeholders so that you can transform the environment with world-class amenities.

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