how audio visual technologies help elevate tech firms

on February 28th, 2020
How tech firms stay innovative

How do leading technology companies stay competitive in a constantly evolving industry? One critical factor is the workspace. AVDG designs and engineers smart office environments that help today’s tech leaders stay productive, engaged, and excited about their work. Whether your teams collaborate in a single location or across multiple cities and continents, our solutions empower teams to work smarter and fully leverage their talent, no matter where they are.

tech that inspires

Nothing inspires a tech-powered organization more than a tech-powered space. AVDG has two decades of experience building custom smart-office solutions for tech companies of all sizes. Our extensive range of integrated technologies adds layers of intelligence to your operations and turns your invigorated organization into a high-performing enterprise. With a focus on boosting efficiency, morale, and engagement, we design solutions that sustain the future of the business and the space.

intelligent office design

As a partner, we work closely with you to identify solutions for your unique needs and challenges. Our skilled designers and engineers customize solutions that enhance both the functionality and aesthetics of your workspace. Whether you’re retrofitting a space or building new, our experienced teams can seamlessly integrate a number of solutions:

  • Video conferencing solutions
    • Lighting control
  • Interactive digital displays and smartboards
    • Audio & video distribution
    • Remote climate control
    • Motorized window treatments
    • Many other solutions

custom-programmed control interfaces

Our smart office spaces are as intuitive as they are powerful. Users can electronically control everything from a single, easy-to-use device, which we custom-program for your organization. This connectivity and ease of use give your teams more control over the environment, while also helping to maximize productivity.

hardwired touchscreens and e-control panels

Fast-moving tech teams work smarter with control panels that make their jobs easier and quicker. Hardwired or wireless, our intelligent touchscreens bring effortless control to boardrooms, meeting spaces, conferences, and other productivity centers.

collaborative spaces, on-site or remote

Today’s workspaces are rapidly evolving, especially in the tech world. We create solutions that untether teams from their desks, enabling them to work from virtually anywhere, on-premise or thousands of miles from HQ. From ultra-fast data networks to custom workstations, our experts identify meaningful ways to boost collaboration across the organization. 

assistive listening devices

Optimal communication is key to the accelerated growth of any technology company. We bring more clarity to presentations and meetings with high-quality assistive listening devices that amplify the voice of your speakers and reduce unwanted background noise.

distributed audio & video

AVDG gives you the ability to direct sound and video to any area of your office, all from a single device. Effortlessly send overflow audio into multiple spaces for all-hands meetings, or allow teams to access live video presentations from anywhere.

empower, persist, grow

No matter what your vision or objectives, our solutions help to empower your organization to grow, persist through challenges, and prepare for changes.

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