how av systems can improve your advertising efforts

on 09.03.21

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Whether you have a highly visible storefront in a busy metropolitan area, or an office off the main road, well-placed, high-quality AV systems can go a long way in making your business more visible and attractive to potential customers or clients. There are several ways AV systems like digital signage, video walls, and smart distribution systems can amplify your advertising efforts or be used to generate ad revenue promoting other businesses in settings like retail.
external visibility
The most obvious way that AV systems can improve your advertising is by boosting your business’s visibility. Digital signage stands out above the rest when it comes to attracting foot traffic or drawing the attention of any passers-by.
From single outdoor displays to expansive Times Square video walls, there’s no limit to the visual possibilities. A tasteful display with an HD, full-color video feed that is placed in high-traffic areas can be an effective way to draw in new customers, as well as direct those who are looking for you.
Additionally, real estate developers and building owners in high-traffic areas can use the same AV technologies to bring in additional revenue streams from other advertisers. Grocery stores are a common application, used to promote not only their own store promotions, but also products and services of other paid advertisers.
brand building
Professional marketers can attest that making your brand visible is a powerful way for potential customers to not only notice your company, but to remember it. Someone who sees the same eye-catching display on their morning commute each day will be more likely to choose you whenever their need arises (and even recommend your business to others). Beautiful signage and video distribution make your brand more recognizable and memorable, which leads to more traffic through your door.
special offers
Once you have customers or clients inside the door, your business can continue using AV systems to communicate to them in an inviting way. Strategically placed digital displays and videos walls can showcase what your business has to offer, including any specials that are exclusively for customers. You can also take advantage of audio distribution, so that they can be fully immersed in the experience. Choose audio systems that are easy to hear in any location, regardless of background noise, yet not overpowering.
aesthetics and ambiance
Your business most likely has a layout that is designed to invite customers and clients inside and keep them engaged and comfortable. In this way, they are more likely to become loyal to your brand. Your AV display and distribution systems can add to that overall aesthetic and ambiance by not only getting people inside the door, but keeping them happy when they’re inside. Digital displays and video walls can be set up as a tasteful, eye-catching way to communicate with your customers, while audio systems can distribute music or other sounds you want people to hear.
For the best customer experience and return on your investment, you’ll benefit most from the best video, management software, and streamlined aesthetics that the industry offers.
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