how AVDG enhances remote learning during uncertain times

on 08.14.20

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With the ever-evolving realities of a pandemic, educators face unprecedented challenges to reinvent the way teachers teach and students learn. The challenge is to keep faculty, staff, and students safe without compromising the quality of their education.

We’re fortunate to live in an age where remote learning is not only possible, but it is more robust than ever before. Students and instructors can interact in myriad ways.

While no technology can fully replace face-to-face interaction, the digital classroom is revolutionizing education in ways no one could have predicted.
AVDG has been fully engaged with its educational partners in locations across the U.S. to create a remote learning experience that empowers instructors and keeps students engaged.

building a digital classroom

AVDG has partnerships with educational institutions of various sizes. Our team of experts has designed, engineered, and integrated forward-thinking remote learning technology that facilitates engagement in classrooms and training facilities.

Some of AVDG’s standard audio visual solutions that help students and professors communicate include high-resolution video, bidirectional microphones, and speakers, custom lecterns with confidence monitors, participant video walls, and customer interfaces.

Technologies that take remote learning a step further include cameras throughout the room that provide different perspectives, ceiling microphones for high-quality directional sounds, touchscreen displays, and an interactive digital whiteboard that ensures all notes are captured digitally and recorded. These touches enhance the remote learning experience and put world-class educational institutions a level above the competition.

empowering teachers

The academic landscape is always changing, especially in the current environment, which is why we design solutions that are straightforward for instructors. Teachers can focus on teaching rather than technical complexities.

AVDG specializes in simulation labs, simple interfaces, and custom programmed touchscreens that are effortlessly adaptable and scalable. Professors can also use their control panel to take control of the classroom and easily maintain a dynamic experience with their students. With control panel analytics, they can see insights about room usage and how effectively they are using their space.

engaging students

In the 21st-century digital classroom, students are not just listening to lectures; they are fully engaging with their instructors. AVDG’s simple touchscreen interface helps students to connect quickly to the digital classroom and engage effortlessly during sessions. Depending on the nature of the session, they can access HD video, high-quality audio, digital whiteboard, and any digital files the instructor shares.

With a combination of these technologies, professors can make the most of every remote teaching session, replicating the in-person experience.

outdoor learning

Some universities are taking the opportunity to use fresh air spaces to conduct safer, socially distant learning. AVDG can help with that too, with technology such as LED displays and high-quality audio output. Let the experts deploy technological solutions that will survive the elements, be easily relocated, and create a more hands-on experience.

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AVDG has experience designing state-of-the-art remote learning solutions in higher education across the country. Book a free consultation to discuss your options, so that you can help educators and students alike thrive in the uncertain times ahead.