how businesses benefit from commercial climate control systems

on 06.20.22

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Today’s commercial climate control systems do so much more than regulate the temperature. With newer automation capabilities and simpler controls, these systems offer a host of benefits to businesses of all sizes. In this post, we explore the unique ways that a commercial climate control system from AVDG can make an impact on your workplace, employees, and operations. 

more comfort 

Comfortable workers are happy employees. But unfortunately, large offices are notoriously bad at maintaining consistent temperatures throughout the space. That’s especially true when outside temperatures are abnormally high or low for the season.

The problem often stems from the design of the systems, including the ductwork, the location of the HVAC unit, and the limited functionality of the thermostat(s).  

  • Often, more enclosed areas like boardrooms tend to experience the most extreme temperatures. If you work in an office during the summer months, then you probably know the feeling of walking into a conference room that is freezing cold, while the rest of the building doesn’t feel cool enough.
  • Separately, there’s the problem of individual workspaces being too cold (even in the summer). It’s extremely common in the modern office for employees to put portable space heaters under their desks. But these are extremely inefficient and they pose a fire hazard.

newer, more advanced commercial climate control systems can eliminate these common issues

Smarter thermostats, temperature sensors, and better system design all help to distribute cool or warm air more evenly throughout the entire space. More zones can be added for precise temperature control in specific areas. Automation can be leveraged to automatically adjust temperatures in each area based on schedules, outside temperatures, energy consumption habits, office routines, and the presence of people in each space.

All of this translates into a much more comfortable working environment. And, as we illustrate in the next benefit below, this can have an enormous impact on your employees.

increased productivity

Studies show that workers are more productive when they’re comfortable. In contrast, when they’re working in uncomfortably hot or cold conditions, their morale diminishes and they spend more time trying to regulate their temperature throughout the day. That’s wasted time that they could be spending on more important work.

When commercial climate control systems are properly designed and automated, they provide the consistent comfort your teams need to stay productive and energized.

energy savings

Commercial HVAC systems account for more than 50% of a building’s energy usage, according to the U.S. Energy Information Administration. It’s the biggest source of energy consumption for most businesses. So it makes sense that most organizations would want to cut down on these energy costs, especially at a time of rising energy prices.

Newer commercial climate control systems are designed to operate much more efficiently. In addition to energy-efficient HVAC units, smarter thermostats and control systems help to maximize the efficiency of the system. They ensure the system only runs when it should, and it uses advanced AI technology to predict and adjust to temperature fluctuations so that the system requires less effort to maintain the optimal temperature.

A recent study highlighted by the U.S. Department of Energy found that commercial buildings could save an average of 29% on energy with properly tuned climate automation systems.

operational efficiency

The less time your staff spends trying to regulate climate control, the more time they spend on the important work that powers your business. Today’s commercial climate control systems are designed to “set it and forget it.” They use automation and AI to deliver consistent comfort throughout the space and continually self-optimize for greater efficiency.

That means your operations staff and employees don’t need to be constantly adjusting thermostats or thinking about the office temperature at all, thus helping your operations run more efficiently.

improved air quality

AVDG’s commercial climate control systems can also be integrated with advanced air purification systems that enhance the wellness of your employees.

Our research-backed air purification systems developed by Delos can significantly improve indoor air quality by reducing the transmission of airborne contaminants. These systems are even more powerful when integrated as a complete system that enhances all the essential indoor environmental elements: air, water, light, sound, and thermal quality. Together, they help to keep your employees healthy, while also improving their mood, morale, sleep quality, and performance.

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