how expansive can home automation be?

on 02.15.21

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Upgrading or building a new home with home automation features is becoming commonplace. Many homeowners wonder how much home automation they can or should include, and what’s available

Home automation can be as expansive as you want it to be, from a single smart switch to integrated technologies in every room. Our automation experts can walk you through the options for your unique needs in a consultation.

Here are a few home automation features you can consider.

lighting, switches, & outlets

This is a natural place to start with home automation. Lighting can adjust automatically based on motion detection as well as household habits and preferences at different times of day. With automated lighting, you can always expect the ideal amount of light in every room, which creates a more comfortable ambiance and optimizes energy usage.

Not only can artificial lighting be automated, but window treatments can adjust as needed so that you’re getting an optimal amount of natural light in rooms, as desired.

Additionally, you can connect smart switches and electrical outlets throughout your home, allowing you to control and automate virtually any electrical component with your mobile device or touchscreen.

climate control

In addition to lights, your home’s temperature and humidity level can adjust automatically, providing optimal comfort, and minimizing energy usage. With a smart thermostat, the system can learn the habits and preferences of your household so you can be comfortable and energy-efficient without having to think about it.


Integrating security features into your home automation system is an ideal way to put your mind at ease whether you’re home or away. Motion-activated internal and external security cameras, lights, and alarm systems will deter intruders and help you keep an eye on your property.

You can also automatically lock doors and windows while being able to access them remotely as needed. That way you’ll know your home is secure when you’re away, and you can let a house-sitter or friend in when needed.


Enjoy state-of-the-art home entertainment features, from a custom-built home theater to optimized sound in every room. You can adjust sound, lighting, and even seating automatically based on your preferences, set music playlists to play at certain times of day, and get an uninterrupted audio distribution from room to room.

developing technology

New technology is frequently released that can help your home run more efficiently, from your appliances to your landscaping. When it comes to how expansive home automation can be, the possibilities are endless!

system integration

The more home automation features you have, the more complicated it might feel to manage, but it doesn’t have to be that way. With the right technology, you can easily manage all of your devices and their settings from an easy-to-use interface, or connect them all to your smartphone or cloud-based voice service.

how to get started

You can build your home automation one feature at a time, or you can upgrade your whole home at once. In either case, it’s helpful to work with experts who know the technologies that are available and can optimize and integrate them with your existing systems.

Set up a free consultation with AVDG to explore your options and make the most out of your home automation features, and expand them when you’re ready.