how intelligent office solutions improve efficiency, communication, and reduce costs

on 02.19.21

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The modern workspace is not merely a place for employees to show up, punch the clock, and complete their work hours. With intelligent office solutions, you can create an aesthetically pleasing environment that helps employees feel productive, empowered, and collaborative. It also helps your space run more efficiently, saving energy, and reducing your organization’s carbon footprint.

Intelligent office design goes beyond eliminating cubicle walls, setting up collaborative workstations, and installing ergonomic desks and chairs (although those components are important too). Creating the ultimate modern office space takes an expert in aesthetics, lighting, energy efficiency, network connectivity, and sophisticated audiovisual solutions.

AVDG specializes in creating customized workspaces with intelligent office solutions so that your employees are equipped to succeed, and your energy costs stay low.
Let’s look at just a few of these solutions.

optimized lighting

While most employees don’t think about lighting when they walk into the office each day, it’s a feature that stimulates their energy and productivity. Bright, natural-looking light sends messages to the body that it is time to work and be alert.

With dynamic smart lighting, you can get the optimal amount of light throughout the workday—even when it’s dark outside. Office lights can be activated on timers or by motion so that each room is getting the optimal amount of light depending on the time of day as well as whether anyone is in the room. This also improves energy cost efficiency, as there is no need for bright light if no one is present, or if the room is full of natural light.
And of course, lighting can be adjusted manually if desired, particularly with the easy-to-use touchscreen controls provided by AVDG.

smart window treatments and shading

While some amount of artificial light is necessary in most office environments throughout the day, less of it is needed when you have a workspace that lets in natural light through the windows. In fact, natural light is the most energizing and will invigorate your employees, when it’s available. With smart window treatments, you can control the amount of light that is coming in and adjust accordingly.

Custom window shading systems use sensors to automatically regulate the amount of sunlight coming in. They can be integrated with artificial light systems so that you can optimize the amount of light in any space. When the sun is shining directly into a room, you can prevent glare automatically and have the artificial lighting adjust accordingly. If it’s overcast, the system will allow more light in. You can also adjust the shading according to preference with the touch of a screen.

Motorized window treatments from AVDG are quiet and energy-efficient. They adjust without distraction. In the summer, they help keep cool air in and warm air out, and in the winter they do the opposite. And like automated lights, they can run on a schedule so that no one forgets to shade the windows when the office is empty.

automated climate control

With carefully calibrated commercial climate control, your office space will adjust automatically based on the work schedule and through motion detection. Not only does this cut down on energy costs, but it helps create the ideal work environment. The right temperature is an important factor in maximizing employee comfort and productivity, at any time of year.

Climate control is also easy to access and adjust manually, with a simple, intuitive touchscreen.

state-of-the-art audiovisual solutions

Cutting-edge audiovisual technology is what sets AVDG apart and can set your workspace apart too. With easy-to-use tools, employees can communicate and share ideas clearly and effectively, whether they’re in the same room or on the other side of the globe. A combination of high-speed connectivity, innovative conference technology, easy-to-use control interfaces, and state-of-the-art audio and video delivery makes it easy for anyone to present and record information—and also reduces the need for travel (and the associated costs).

AVDG’s audio systems are customized to fit the unique environment of each workspace and will bring professional-quality sound to a variety of spaces including conference rooms, lecture halls and recording studios. Project high-quality sound to multiple rooms at once, integrated with video if desired. There’s never a bad place to sit, as we can optimize sound delivery to every corner of a room.

High-definition, brilliantly colored video, presented in an aesthetically pleasing way can also make a huge difference whether you’re video conferencing, doing video surveillance, or showcasing a project. We help businesses manage multiple video signals throughout their workplaces. Install screens where you need them with the right size and definition—including displays, digital whiteboards, and multi-screen video walls.

ultra-fast data networks

Communication and data transfer within the office and from the office is only as efficient as your network’s speed, security, and connectivity. AVDG designs and builds custom data networks for a variety of workspaces so that your teams maximize their productivity, no matter where they are. Our networks are designed based on the unique demands of your workplace, whether it consists of a single office or a sprawling campus. We can scale it and configure it as needed based on your organizations’ demands.

fully automated control systems

Intelligent office solutions are most effective and efficient when fully integrated with a single control system. AVDG integrates lighting, window shading, climate control, audiovisual, and other technologies such as surveillance and building access into one robust, customized automation system, uniquely designed for your intelligent workspace.

Your operations team will be able to effortlessly control each component of the system from an intuitive, easy-to-use touchscreen. No more confusing, bulky devices and excess cables. This maximizes the efficiency of your office space by enabling fully integrated automation of energy use, making your business greener and resulting in significant savings.

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