how lighting and shading improves your team’s well-being

on 07.16.21

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Today, many office perks are dominated by trends — think cycle desks, “bring your dog to work day”, and cold brew on tap. However, The Daylight and Workplace Study conducted by Cornell University’s Dr. Alan Hedge, suggests that lighting is one of the most in-demand office perks.
The American Society of Interior Design found that 68% of employees are unhappy with the lighting in their offices. It’s easy to understand why, dim lighting and harsh lighting causes eye strain and headaches, lowering productivity, and increasing employee burnout. To improve the employee experience, companies should invest in custom lighting and shading controls that increase the exposure to daylight (or at least simulate it) and decrease harsh lighting. Here are three ways control lighting and shading affect your team’s well-being:
reduces stress
Stress is inevitable but the human body is built to cope with stress naturally by emitting cortisol, otherwise known as the ‘stress hormone.’ When a stressful situation offers and the mind and body start to panic, cortisol rushes in and stabilizes our responses.
Unfortunately, artificial or harsh lighting reduces our cortisol levels. When we are deprived of this natural cure for stress, we act more haphazardly. There are thousands of offices that are all but designed to damage our stress management with harsh fluorescent lights and fewer windows.
Fortunately, new technology in lighting is transforming the office to be less stress-inducing. Now there are lighting panels that include glare control diffusers or the ability to dim lights, making the light soft and natural throughout an office.
increases alertness
Light has a profound impact on our human evolution, we don’t have good eyesight in the dark, and because of this many of our human habits revolve around daylight. There is a strong link between light and our circadian rhythms, which dictate our sleep patterns. Office lighting that is too harsh or dim can have your employees feeling drowsy at three in the afternoon.
Exploring your office environment to ensure you are not accidentally putting your employees to sleep is essential. If the layout is less than ideal, consider shading solutions to block out direct sunlight or lighting solutions that are customizable for each room.
boosts productivity
Many companies are installing personalized lighting controls for each employee. This way, those who prefer brighter lights can work in a way that’s conducive to their preferences without forcing their co-worker to the same experience. Customization in office shading and lighting for health and well-being is key to a happy team.
When your team is relaxed, attentive, and productive, fewer mistakes are made, more work is finished, and everyone is more inspired. Just because of lighting and shading. The companies who invest in custom lighting and shading controls keep their teams happy and healthy while staying ahead of the competition in the race to hire, train, and retain top talent.
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