How Smart Home Technology Keeps You Safe

on 06.03.22

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It’s no secret smart home technology brings convenience and cost-efficiency to the modern home. But another vital benefit that’s often overlooked is the security that these systems can deliver for families.


A wide range of connected devices helps homeowners protect what matters most, while also enabling them to keep an eye on their properties when they’re away. For luxury condominiums and apartment buildings, these systems provide another valuable amenity that helps to attract (and retain) residents.

In this blog post, we explore the different ways that smart home technology can deliver this security.

1) Stay Protected with Smart Home Security Systems

Home security systems have come a long way over the last few decades. Today’s alarm systems can be fully integrated with other smart home technology in the home, providing automated protection 24 hours a day, whether the family is at home or away.

The foundation of any security system is protection against intrusion and burglary. When doors or windows are opened while the system is armed, it sounds the alarm (and if the system is monitored, it alerts dispatchers to send authorities). But today’s systems go much further by making it easier to automate the system and control it from anywhere with your smartphone. 

For example, families can schedule their system based on customized “routines,” such as leaving for work in the morning. Plus, users can arm/disarm the system while they’re at the office and receive alerts if any activity is detected.

Furthermore, these systems can be integrated with each of the devices and capabilities listed below, providing several layers of security, in addition to peace of mind.

2) Keep a Closer Eye on Your Home with Smart Security Cameras

Check on your pets while you’re at work… 

Watch your child arrive home safely after school… 

See packages as they’re delivered to your front door…

These are just a few of the benefits that residents enjoy with security cameras installed in their homes. Today’s camera systems are smaller and sleeker than ever. So they can be discreetly installed nearly anywhere inside or outside the home, without detracting from the aesthetic. 

Most importantly, these cameras ensure that any suspicious activity is clearly captured. Residents can receive real-time alerts when motion is detected and view the live footage, as well as recorded clips, from anywhere.

3) Let Guests in with Access Control & Intercom Systems

For decades, intercoms and access systems have helped residents safely allow guests to enter their condos or apartment buildings. But today’s systems are more secure and more powerful than ever, particularly when integrated with other smart home technology.

Advanced access control systems allow residents to actually see who’s at the front door and communicate with them more clearly. Plus, homeowners don’t even have to be home. They can allow (or deny) entry rights with a few taps on their phone. So, if the homeowner is expecting guests but is stuck in traffic, they can let their guests inside. 

4) Secure Doors with Smart Locks

In addition to being able to remotely control the alarm system, residents can also lock and unlock their doors from anywhere.

Smart locks are just as strong as traditional locks, but they enhance security by connecting wirelessly with other smart home technology. This means residents can schedule their doors to lock automatically when they leave for work (in case they forget to do so when they leave in the morning). Plus, doors can sense the presence of the resident’s phone, unlocking automatically when they detect the resident approaching the door.

Finally, residents can use their phones to remotely unlock or lock the door as needed, even if they are thousands of miles away.

5) Automate Lighting, Thermostats, and More

Smart home technology allows families to remotely control nearly any connected device in their homes. That means they can turn off the lights they forgot about when they rushed out the door in the morning. Or they can turn the air conditioning off while they’re on an extended vacation abroad, so the system isn’t wasting energy all summer.

In addition to this efficiency, there are important security benefits as well. What if the homeowner will be away for a while? A home that sits dark is a clear target for burglars who are on the lookout for vacant properties. But with smart lighting, you can set your lights to turn on/off at various times to create the appearance that someone is home. If desired, they could even control their AV systems and play music, just for added illusion. 

Enhance Security with Today’s Best Smart Home Technology

Today’s smart home technology can provide homeowners and tenants with powerful layers of security, especially when integrated as part of a complete connected ecosystem of devices. At AVDG, our security and technology experts have deployed dependable smart-home systems for hundreds of residential environments across North America, including some luxury high-rises, condominiums, and other multi-dwelling units (MDU).

For more information on how to increase security with smart home technology from AVDG, request a consultation today.