how surround sound amplifies smaller spaces

on 09.23.21

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Home theaters have become increasingly popular during the COVID-19 pandemic as families realize they don’t need to leave home in order to enjoy an immersive experience. Additionally, music lovers naturally enjoy the immersion that surround sound brings as a favorite singer or band croons on the radio. And
hardcore gamers have also come to appreciate the vitality that surround sound brings to an action game.
Many people assume that you need an expansive space to experience the full potential of surround sound, but thankfully, top-tier surround sound isn’t just for large rooms. Small living rooms, condos, and those who own a small home can also enjoy the many benefits of surround sound, as it not only improves entertainment experiences, but also amplifies a small room, making it feel larger and more spacious than it really is.
If you’re considering surround sound for a spall space, here are some general tips to help achieve the best results.
Soundproofing your small room (or home) is an important first step. You’ll want to ensure outside noises and sounds can’t get in even before you install a new surround sound system. You can do this by installing carpeting or purchasing area rugs, putting up thick curtains, or setting up acoustic panels on the walls.
If you live in a very noisy area or need to block out excessive noise coming from other rooms in your home, installing new insulation may be in order before you put in surround sound speakers. Cellulose, fiberglass, and foam insulation are the best options for soundproofing a room. As an added benefit, the extra insulation will enable you to crank up the volume without disturbing others in your home.
going all-out – without the clutter
While it’s true that today’s high-end soundbars have much to offer in a small package, even the best ones cannot replicate the robust experience of true surround sound. And you shouldn’t have to settle for anything less than the best when you can have truly immersive, 100% surround sound, regardless of the size and shape of your room.
Speakers installed in walls, on the ceiling, and even in cupboards offer the best acoustic experience in any setting. These devices can be completely hidden from view, but can easily be controlled via an app installed on your phone or wireless touch panel.
So, even in a small living room or basement theater, the space doesn’t need to be crammed with a bunch of speakers in every corner. They can be virtually invisible.
things to consider
How many devices will you need? Where should these be installed? A lot depends on the size and shape of your room, but following are some general guidelines to keep in mind.
As a starting point, theaters typically install a speaker behind the screen and a speaker on either side of the screen. Most home theaters work best with this set-up. For optimal sound, you’ll likely want one speaker on either side of the room, two speakers on the wall facing the TV, and two ceiling speakers. The speakers will need to be angled correctly to ensure you’re getting the best possible sound. But again, these configurations depend on many factors that are unique to your space and needs.
If you want a system that meets your current and future needs, it’s best to work with a professional. This is especially true if you intend to install speakers behind drywall, as the last thing you want to do is tear up the wall to fix or rearrange speakers. A good audio-visual services company will consider what the room will be used for, seating arrangements, the size and shape of the room, and other factors and design a surround sound set-up that will meet your exact needs.
get the expertise you need
AVDG specializes in designing custom audio-visual solutions, working with commercial and residential clients alike to create custom surround sound set-ups for rooms of all shapes and sizes. The initial consultation is free, and our experts will walk through your room (or home), perform a comprehensive analysis, and then recommend a personalized set-up that meets your needs and budget. Get in touch with us to find out more about our services or to schedule an appointment at your convenience.