how the right AV system can empower professors, students, and the entire university

on February 28th, 2020
AV solutions for universities

Imagine empowering your students, professors, and staff to collaborate and engage in an interactive learning environment, no matter where they are. AVDG can make that vision a reality. Our teams have designed and engineered state-of-the-art classrooms and training facilities for a number of higher education institutions across the United States. From lifelike lab simulations to high-definition distance learning, we have helped universities enrich their curriculum and their competitiveness.

robust learning environments

Working closely with professors and administrators, AVDG has brought learning environments to life with robust audio visual technologies that are fast, intuitive and easy to use. Our wide range of projects has included simulated clinical environments, remote audio/video learning systems, digital whiteboards, and other smart-system solutions. With our direction and design, our higher-education partners have empowered their professors and students to collaborate and use resources more effectively.

simulation IQ

Accelerate learning with powerful simulation software. Simulation IQ gives students and professors the ability to simulate learning environments, instantly. Medical students can enrich their understanding of clinical environments with simulated emergency rooms, ambulatory care centers, clinics, and other settings, recording valuable data and progress.

remote learning

Powerful audio and video systems enable students to gain a high-quality education from anywhere in the world. Professors can conduct lessons in the classroom or from other campuses, engaging with students from thousands of miles away.

digital whiteboards

Intuitive smartboards make learning more enriched and effective, helping instructors bring their lessons to life and capture everything digitally. From a single seminar room to a campus-wide network, our experts can design and scale your whiteboard deployment to the specific needs of your institution.

premium data and connection

We employ the industry’s best network engineers and technicians to ensure ultra-fast data networks with dependable connectivity. AVDG’s technical teams can gather real-time analytics about room usage, helping to maintain optimal performance and make informed decisions about future spaces.

engineered sound solutions

Enhance your learning environments with professional audio solutions, custom-engineered for your space. Factoring in critical measurements such as room acoustics and size, our skilled specialists will design and build the optimal sound system for your classrooms, lecture halls, auditoriums or event spaces.

control panels

Every AVDG solution is carefully designed to be intuitive for users of all technical abilities. Powerful, yet easy-to-use control panels give you complete control over all aspects of your smart solutions. So your teams spend more time on learning, instead of fussing with technology.

first-class support, remote and on-demand

Support is always available when you need it. In addition to providing remote and on-site support, our technicians can also actively monitor your systems via our Simplicity Service Plan, performing necessary optimizations and updates as needed.

elevate the classroom

Make learning more interactive, efficient and fun. AVDG’s robust suite of university solutions helps to elevate any learning environment while making your institution an attractive place to study, teach and grow.

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