how to marry a world-class audio experience with the ideal home design

on 11.05.21

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When it comes interior design, making the “right” decisions ultimately depends on what the final goal is. Often, these decisions are based on a collaboration between the homeowner and their design partners or architect. Some homeowners may be focused strictly on design choices that increase the value of their home, while others may want to create the best living experience as it pertains to audio and visual solutions. 

Thankfully, these avenues are not mutually exclusive. There is a way to artfully marry the functional and ideal design of a home with a world-class audio experience. Here are some tips on how to execute this in practice.

use the right materials

The key to balancing a homeowner’s preferred interior design and a top-notch audio experience starts with selecting the right materials. For optimal listening, the space should have as few hard, reflective surfaces as possible. Installing wall panels that absorb sound and also add to the color and feel of the room is an excellent choice.

Rugs and soft seating can also help diffuse echoes. A prominently featured rug is a great opportunity to both improve the audio in a room while adding a key design element to the home in general.

choose the right layout

Layout is another common thread that unites design and listenability. In a home theater, choosing the optimal layout of the screen and seating based on the lighting patterns and doors present in the room is crucial to enhancing the audio quality. Similarly, the layout of the home is a key component of its design, and the layout choices will help determine the comfort and energy that each room possesses.

To blend the two approaches, focus on building a layout that features seating in the ideal location based on the sound setup, while also maximizing comfort and warmth. Our professionals at AVDG can offer guidance on how best to structure the living space to achieve the homeowner’s design aesthetic with the best possible audio performance.

install the best equipment

The perfect intersection of sound design and home design is much easier achieved with the highest quality equipment. At AVDG, we specialize in tailoring a sound system that is right for every home, given the homeowner’s preferences, interior layout, and budget. We work closely with our clients to provide them with top-of-the-line theater packages with cutting-edge technology designed specifically for their space. We can then customize the equipment installed and engineer the experience to fit their exact design needs.

schedule a consultation with your audio experts

Learn more about balancing interior design with a world-class audio experience by consulting our professionals at AVDG. Through consultation, design and implementation, our team will work to understand your exact needs and build a system that fulfills them. With our team of experts, tried and true standardized procedures, and 24/7 support services, AVDG is your go-to for superior A/V design and integration. Schedule a consultation today.