how to upgrade your home for the future with home control systems

on 11.11.22

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The home of the future is more than just a place to live. Home control systems from AVDG can truly transform your life at home with a fully integrated and automated ecosystem. 

Home automation technologies can make your life more comfortable and convenient. By customizing your home to your needs, you can have greater control over your environment. With everything that matters to you just a few clicks or taps away, simplifying your life has never been easier. 

Here’s what automated home control systems can include and what to look for.

automated lighting

Automating your lighting system with smart bulbs, switches, and other devices is a great way to improve your home. You can set your lights to turn on when you need them. Automated lighting can also help reduce your carbon footprint by turning off lights when they aren’t needed.

AVDG’s lighting solutions can be programmed to adapt to your needs, whether it’s filling your kitchen with invigorating light in the morning or creating a relaxing ambiance in the evening. Turn on the lights from the car when you’re approaching home and create a path of light from the entryway, so you never have to fumble around in the dark. The settings adjust automatically via numerous control options including a mobile app, smart switch, voice command, or wireless control panel. 

Our experienced lighting designers will identify the right fixtures, features, and products for the space to create the desired effect.

automated window treatments

Window treatments are another feature of home control systems that will improve your living environment. Automating shades, blinds, and curtains will further improve your home’s energy efficiency and enhance lighting at any time of day. Experience high-quality, dynamic light that shifts in accordance with sunlight, your mood, or whatever you’re doing in the moment. It works seamlessly with your electric lighting system.

At the touch of a button, you can control your smart shades and other window treatments. We can help you choose from options that are both beautiful and fit your needs, whether that means programming them to adjust on a schedule or based on the amount of light in the room. 

climate control

Automated climate control maximizes comfort and minimizes energy costs. A smart thermostat will automatically adjust your heating and cooling systems to your exact preferences, year-round. 

AVDG specializes in advanced climate control technology that is easily controlled and works seamlessly with the home’s existing systems. So you can enjoy ideal lighting and temperature automatically, with one integrated solution.

air and water quality

The environment of your home plays a fundamental role in your health and wellbeing. At AVDG, we offer research-backed solutions that filter the air and water in your residence.

Our powerful air purification system reduces the transmission of airborne contaminants, removing toxins, and pathogens from the air. It eliminates odors too.

AVDG’s wellness solutions also purify your water, getting rid of harmful contaminants and impurities. This results in cleaner, better-tasting water for your entire home. These systems can be fully integrated into home control, making them easy to monitor and adjust.


Entertainment technologies transform a residential property into a home that the family, as well as guests, can fully enjoy.

Our home audiovisual solutions are made for enjoying entertainment, like a private cinema with stunning 8K video and surround sound. You can also play music or videos in every room of your house from one easy-to-use touchscreen with our state-of-the-art whole home audio systems and distributed video.

Like all the features in a home control system, entertainment systems can be fully integrated with other technologies and automated as desired.

home security

AVDG’s home security systems provide the protection your family needs and the peace of mind you deserve. They are reliable and easy to use, so you can rest assured that your home is safe.

Keep an eye on your home while you’re out, with innovative security cameras indoors and outdoors that allow you to view real-time footage on your smartphone. You can get motion detection alerts and view live video of the most important areas and access points from your phone or computer. 

AVDG’s access control systems add another level of security. Remotely communicate when you’re away with delivery people or guests who arrive before you do. You can also unlock and lock the door remotely.

Our security and access-control experts will work with you to determine the best solution for your family’s specific needs.

fully integrated control

Managing your home’s smart systems shouldn’t be difficult. That’s why AVDG’s home whole home control solutions are designed to be easy to operate. No more fumbling with confusing buttons and multiple different systems; with an integrated home control system, you can access all your technology from one place. Wireless components can customize and expand your system from a single room to your whole home.

Simple, intuitive interfaces give you total control of your security cameras, access control solutions, lighting, shading, climate control, and audiovisual systems. They can be managed on-site with switches, panels, and even a universal remote. You can also access all of your smart home technology from a single app, giving you full control whether you’re home or away. 

partner with our experts

Take the guesswork out of upgrading your home with help from our expert teams at AVDG. Use our Home Technology Budgeting Tool to get a realistic estimate of the cost of your next project.

Contact us today for a free consultation, and we’ll discuss your options for a fully integrated home control system that equips your home for the future.