in-wall speakers for premium sound & invisible ambiance

on 05.28.21

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Whether installing multi-room audio or adding audio enhancement to a stand-alone space, in-wall speakers allow you to add premium sound without visual clutter. AVDG’s audio visual experts know how to achieve high performance and sound quality in any room, while staying true to the overall aesthetics of the space.

premium performance

Impress the audiophile with unbeatable sound quality—even with a hidden, in-wall speaker. High performance brands like Sonance can bring premium sound to any sized space, for the purpose it’s designed for. Whether you want background ambience for your home or sound engineering for a restaurant or office, there’s an in-wall speaker solution that can fit your needs with precision.

smart aesthetics

High performance and intuitive design belong together. In-wall speakers come in several varieties that blend effortlessly with the background, including paintable grilles, flush applications, and even completely invisible solid surfaces. Cables are hidden as well, so the audio is heard but not seen, without compromising the sound quality.
in-wall speakers for home audio

The possibilities are endless when it comes to application of in-wall speakers. They work well in the home environment and can be integrated with a multi-room audio system. The family can enjoy music and other recordings throughout the home based on preferences and schedule. In-wall speakers can also be used as part of your home-theater system or with other video displays to minimize the visible components.

in-wall speakers for commercial audio

Commercial applications abound as well for in-wall speakers, including restaurants, spas, retail spaces, waiting rooms, or anywhere that requires careful attention to detail in the aesthetic. With the right engineering, you can also attune audio distribution so that it can be heard over background noise in any part of the space.

A premium sound system with in-wall speakers is made complete when integrated with the other automation and entertainment systems in a home or commercial environment. You can effortlessly automate your audio, connect it with your visual displays, and access and modify it from one simple device or application. With the right future proof technology, you can also upgrade, update, and scale easily. Designing and installing your systems with AVDG’s team of professionals ensures that your audio is properly engineered and does exactly what it should, no matter how it’s set up.

expert design & installation

For the best results with in-wall speakers, you’ll benefit from working with an expert team like AVDG. With over 20 years of experience in the AV industry, we know sound, and we’re passionate about collaboration and bringing your dream audio system to fruition. Our industry-leading designers curate the best AV brands and can integrate them with your existing systems and architectural aesthetics, while our engineers and technicians can help you deploy the optimum audio distribution for any space.

Whether you’re upgrading a home or business, the AVDG process can help you achieve exactly what you want.

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