intelligent office solutions for the post-pandemic office

on 09.03.21

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As we begin to put the pandemic behind us, we have an opportunity to reinvent the office and how it works for us. Incorporating intelligent office solutions allows us to embrace new ways of working while improving the aspects that teams already loved prior to the pandemic.
Today’s businesses are increasingly deploying robust technology ecosystems that help to improve productivity and efficiency, while also supporting a hybrid workforce. Plus, with advancements in automation, offices spaces are becoming more responsive, automatically adapting to the people within the environment, which also makes spaces more touchless.
Let’s look at a few of these intelligent office solutions that are reinventing the workplace as teams return to work.
smart conference rooms
Many of the companies that went fully remote are likely to continue to have team members working from home at least part-time. Having the right conferencing solutions in place means that it is easier to continue to collaborate, no matter where key players are located.
Creston’s Microsoft Teams Panels make conferencing technology more intuitive and useful than ever. The panel and indicator allow you to see at a glance whether a room is available and who is scheduled to be there when. Touchless interfaces turn on lights as you enter a room, and close the blinds when you are ready for your conference. Intuitive touchscreen technology at the conference table makes it easy to get everyone on video and ready to work together.
Finally, cameras and microphones strategically placed throughout the conference room help to capture every moment and every presenter, so that no participant misses any detail, even if they are watching from hundreds of miles away.
optimized lighting solutions
Lighting is one of the most important factors when it comes to the way a place makes you feel. Bright, natural-looking lighting makes us feel more alert, awake, and ready for the job. With smart lighting, the room automatically adjusts so that you are always getting the right amount of light in every room throughout the day.
On gloomy days, office lights can be set to automatically brighten to keep the office bright and cheery. Timers or motion detection turn on lights automatically when needed, allowing for a touchless solution.
When paired with smart window blinds that let in the optimum amount of natural light, the result is a more welcoming, brighter space.
Need a different amount of lighting? All lights can easily be adjusted manually. The easy-to-use touchscreens provided by AVDG allow for lights to be turned on or off, or brightened or dimmed, with the touch of a button.
Each of these changes in the office environment make it a more useful space, that is energizing and pleasant to be in. By making the physical office responsive to the people in it, you create a place that fits the needs and the movements of the people who are there every day.
automated climate control
Proper airflow and the right temperatures are important every time of year. With automated climate control, your office space automatically adjusts based on schedules, habits, and motion detection. This helps cut costs by turning systems off when they are not in use. It also ensures a more comfortable office environment even when people are there during off-hours.
The system is also easy to access and manually adjust when your temperature preferences are different from what the automated system chooses. Simply use the intuitive and simple touchscreen.
smart security & access systems
In many offices, working hours are becoming more flexible. Smart lock, security, and surveillance systems make it easier and safer for workers to come and go. Smart locking systems ensure that only those who are supposed to be in the office can get access. With automated security systems, motion detectors and video will let you know when someone is in the building and who is there.
The system allows for authorized personnel to come and go using their smart phone so that you don’t have to worry about physical keys, which can be stolen or lost. Instead, access can be continually tailored to match your current personnel roster and the people who you want to be able to enter.
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At AVDG, we believe that every office needs unique intelligent solutions. Through every project, we collaborate with our clients to understand the characteristics of their space and the people in it. This produces results that make your workplace more productive and inviting. Get in touch today to talk about what we can do for you.