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on 03.02.20

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Discover the efficiency, ease, and customized aesthetic that you can enjoy with automated lighting solutions, including window treatments, and indoor and outdoor lighting applications. AVDG designs and installs solutions for any space, tailored to each client’s needs and preferences.

brilliant commercial lighting automation

AVDG’s commercial lighting and shading solutions bring automation, efficiency, and comfort to any business environment. Our designers elevate your space with custom motorized window treatments and smart lighting, controlled from a single touchscreen interface or automated according to your needs. The controls are intuitive and easy to use. With AVDG, managing the light and privacy in your workspace has never been simpler.

styles for every aesthetic

There’s no one-size-fits-all business, so there is no one-size-fits all lighting solution. We can tailor your lighting and shading to create the ideal ambience for each room. Our designers partner with you to assist your decision-making on the style and color of your window treatments, along with the fabric and texture. An extensive range of shading, blinds, and light fixtures ensures that your selections are perfectly matched for your commercial, industrial, or office space.

hands-free comfort

Our smart-office solutions enable you to completely automate your office’s lighting and shading. Adjustable schedules and sensor-equipped technologies automatically control the amount of light in your spaces throughout the day.Sensors, timers, and manual adjustments when needed align the system with your preferences. Enjoy natural light where and when it is possible and makes sense.When your environment doesn’t have access to natural light or it isn’t practical, enjoy a comfortable ambience ideal for the space, whether bright light for an office or dimmed lighting to create a relaxing feel for clients and customers.

energy savings

Businesses waste thousands of dollars on energy every year. Discover energy-efficient window coverings that help your business optimize energy use year-round. Specialized fabrics help block extreme temperatures, while automated lighting can be programmed to automatically turn off or dim based on schedules or inactivity in the space.

fully customizable

At AVDG, one of our highest values is collaboration, and we pride ourselves in working together with a diverse set of clients with varying ideas and needs for their workspaces. We want to partner with you to identify the right solutions based on your space and needs. Our experts will bring your vision to life, making valuable recommendations that enhance your environment and maximize your investment. From the consultation to the design and installation, we work with you every step of the process so that your project turns out exactly the way you envision it.

professional installation

Since 1996, AVDG has installed custom shading, lighting, and smart systems for hundreds of commercial spaces, from small family-owned businesses to the world’s biggest enterprises in cities around the U.S.and beyond. Our extensive experience enables us to complete every project with impeccable quality and precision.

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