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on 03.02.20

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Intuitive, automated lighting control is an integral feature of the modern home. Whether you’re building or upgrading a residence, in a single-family home, condo, or multi-dwelling unit, lighting control systems can make your space more comfortable, efficient, and secure.

brilliant design

With AVDG lighting control systems, you can reinvent any space and invigorate a home. Enjoy bright light in the spaces you need it, on a schedule or by motion detection. Or, relax in low light when you’re ready to unwind without having to think about it. When the family is away, rest assured that timed lights will deter intruders without wasting energy. Our smart home technology seamlessly integrates with every room of the house, so you can save energy, access the lights remotely, and optimize safety and security.

energy efficiency

Residential homes waste hundreds of dollars a year on energy. If you’ve ever been guilty of leaving the lights on in rooms that aren’t in use, you’ll love the way automated lighting eliminates this problem. Through automated settings and motion detection, AVDG’s lighting control systems empower families to use electricity more efficiently, thereby saving money and eliminating waste.

reliable remote access

Anyone who has ever left home in a rush knows how easy it is to forget to turn off lights in unoccupied spaces. Our state-of-the-art technology helps residents turn off their lights effortlessly, even when they are away from home. All it takes is a simple tap of a button on their mobile device.You can also turn them on if you want your home to be lighted when you’re unexpectedly away, great for keeping burglars at bay.

cutting-edge design

AVDG designers are passionate about creating custom lighting solutions that are unique to each household, with an aesthetic that is simple and sophisticated. Families can enter and enjoy each space, from entryways to bedrooms to home theaters, with the right amount of light. We also provide easy-to-use switches, dimmers, and touchscreen control panels that can be synced with voice control, if desired or accessed from mobile devices. No more fumbling for the switch or wondering how to adjust the settings.

smart automation

Our sophisticated systems can be automated based on the time of day, a family’s schedule, and the layout of the room. This feature helps residents be more energy efficient with less effort and creates the ideal ambiance for each space. Artificial lighting can also be integrated with automated window treatments and security systems, so you can enjoy natural lighting when possible and make the home look naturally occupied when residents are away.

the AVDG difference

With AVDG, you get a collaborative partnership that helps you find a smart, simple solution for lighting control in any residential space, with forward-thinking service and meticulous craftsmanship. We have more than two decades of experience in the AV industry and are leading experts in smart home technology and design. Set up your free consultation today to discuss the unique needs of your property.

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