top tips for selecting home theater speakers

on 08.21.19

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Quality home theater speakers are the lifeblood of any media room. To guarantee a truly immersive experience, you need speakers capable of reproducing life-like sound, even at low volumes. You also want your audio equipment to be aesthetically pleasing so it adds to the visual appeal of your home rather than detracting from it.

At AVDG, we partner with today’s best brands to bring top-quality audio products into your media room. Two of the speaker companies that we work with are Sonance and Leon Speakers. Both brands offer products that deliver an exceptional listening experience. Use this home theater speaker guide to help you choose speakers that will forever change the way you watch movies at home.


The simplest, most cost-effective way to improve the audio in your media room is to use a soundbar. The discreet black housing with its long extended, low profile provides a seamless aesthetic that complements modern flat-screen TVs. By opting for a high-end soundbar rather than a cheap brand, you can expect better sound quality, no matter what you’re watching.

For instance, Sonance soundbars utilize cutting-edge technology and materials to craft best-in-class audio that comes across as both natural and sonically accurate. It’s all thanks to the three-way speakers, each of which contains a powder-coated aluminum tweeter, a laminated midrange, and dual laminated subwoofers. Two models are even available with an adjustable-width design to fit the scale of your TV.

The Horizon Series soundbars from Leon are another great choice. These are handcrafted and custom-tailored to meet the width and finish of any display for high-performance audio and the best possible aesthetics. Working with musicians, music producers, acoustic engineers, and leading manufacturers has allowed Leon to create some of the most realistic sound reproductions of any soundbars available anywhere.

on-wall speakers

If you want a clean, elegant option for mounting speakers to your wall without starting a renovation project, on-wall speakers could be the answer. Leon offers two lines of products to meet your needs.

The first is the Profile Series, which is custom-built to match the height and finish of your TV for flawless results. This discreet design makes it appear as though your display was manufactured this way—with sleek, integrated speakers on either side. The 5- or 7-channel system incorporates seamlessly into any home theater design.

Another option is the Detail Series from Leon. These are more traditional-looking speakers that mount to the walls around the room for a true surround-sound experience. At less than 4 inches deep and available in any custom paint color, these speakers effortlessly disappear into the décor.

in-wall or in-ceiling speakers

When you want high-quality audio that emanates around the room, consider installing in-wall or in-ceiling speakers. The process of dropping these audio devices into carefully cut holes in the wall or ceiling is faster and easier than you might expect.

Sonance offers several in-wall speaker options, including the Visual Performance Series, featuring an award-winning low-profile grille that blends into the drywall with ease. You can even paint the grille to create a consistent, non-distracting look.

Leon’s Vault Series includes in-wall speakers that can be used alone to create a high-performance theater sound system or as rear channels to complement a soundbar or on-wall speakers. Then, the Axis Series is a line of in-ceiling speakers that combine flawless audio quality with an unobtrusive aesthetic.

“invisible” speakers

This option provides the ultimate in pleasing audio with zero visual impact. “Invisible” speakers are installed into the wall or ceiling and then finished over with drywall and paint or wallpaper.

It’s a stunning way to deliver ambient music or powerful movie audio that seemingly comes from nowhere.

The best time to install invisible speakers is during a new construction or renovation project. However it’s certainly possible to install invisible speakers in existing walls as well. Either way, professional installation is the best way to ensure optimal results.


No sound system is complete without powerful bass. A dedicated subwoofer is the best way to accomplish this.

With advanced audio solutions from Sonance, you can officially say good-bye to a bulky, obtrusive subwoofer in your home theater. This company’s in-wall and in-ceiling subwoofers are the answer to adding low-end balance to your movies while removing the visual distraction.

Leon offers compact in-room subwoofers that provide distortion-free, cinematic sound without the bulk. The ability to convert from a forward-firing to a down-firing position means you can easily stow the product under the couch or in a cabinet. Leon also carries subwoofers designed for in-wall applications.

Whatever your audio needs are, AVDG delivers. From soundbars and on-wall speakers to in-wall and invisible audio solutions, we have a custom option to meet your needs. Give our design team a call today at 888-505-1922 to get started on your new home theater system!