making homes intelligent with control4 solutions

on 05.15.19

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Smart homes were once only seen in science fiction movies, but now they have become easily accessible to homeowners with a wide range of budgets, lifestyles, and goals. Using the right technology, you can live in a house that adapts to your schedule and creates the perfect environment for productivity, relaxation, and security.

AVDG partners with Control4, the leading provider of home automation and control systems. If you’re interested in making your home more intelligent, consider choosing solutions from this vendor. Control4 offers 9,000 unique smart home devices, all of which integrate seamlessly for the optimal user experience.

Choose the level of automation you desire, from a few smart devices in a couple of rooms to complete home control. As you’re considering your options, take a look at how Control4 can transform your home.

smart security systems

With features such as electronic door locks, motion sensors, and surveillance cameras, you can feel more secure while at home. You can also check in from afar or set up real-time updates to notify you when the front door opens or the alarm is disarmed.

A smart security system from Control4 can automate other features of your home as well, such as the lights and motorized shades, so you look like you’re home even when you’re away. It can even keep your home safe from environmental hazards by alerting you when sensors detect flooding, power outages, or extreme temperature swings.

video doorbells and intercoms

Looking through the peephole to see who’s at the door is so last century. With a video doorbell from Control4, you can see and speak to whoever’s knocking, whether you’re at home or not.

During your conversation, you can even change certain smart home settings, such as turning on the porch light or disarming the alarm and unlocking the door to let your guest in. Of course, if the guest is unwanted, you can secure your home with the touch of a button to ensure the door is locked and the security system is on.

smart lighting

Flexible lighting options have a significant impact on the ambiance of your home. With Control4’s intelligent lighting solutions, you can dim or brighten the lights, change the hues, or turn the lights on and off from anywhere. You can also set schedules for the lighting to change automatically when needed. Not only is smart lighting convenient, but it saves energy and prolongs the life of your bulbs as well.

wi-fi thermostats

Since heating and cooling accounts for nearly half of your energy bills, you need an innovative way to control your HVAC system if you want to reduce utility costs. A Wi-Fi enabled Control4 thermostat is the answer.

If you’re familiar with programmable thermostats, you’re one step away from appreciating the capabilities of Wi-Fi versions. These let you set and adjust temperatures remotely using your mobile device. So whether you’re relaxing on the couch or coming home from a business trip, you can always make sure your home is at the right temperature.

automated window shades

On their own, motorized window shades make convenient additions to your home. When integrated with a smart home system, they reach their full potential. Control4 window shades can react to changes in the weather, simulate your usual activities when you’re out of town, or tie into “scenes” for convenient operation alongside other automated events with one touch of a button.

multi-room audio

Whether you want to jam out to your favorite playlist from room to room or enjoy music softly in the study, high-resolution, multi-room audio from Control4 is the ideal option. This solution lets you tap into popular music streaming services with high-resolution sound throughout the entire house.

Control4’s integration with Amazon Alexa makes it easy to play music with natural, verbal commands. You can also use in-wall or tabletop touch screens to scroll through playlists and make your selection.

universal remotes

You might be accustomed to storing a pile of remotes on your coffee table, but that doesn’t mean it’s the best or only option available. With a Control4 universal remote, you can consolidate that pile into a single streamlined remote that controls everything in your entertainment center. A simplified TV viewing experience makes life a little more enjoyable.

flexible control options

The benefit of choosing a single vendor for all your smart home devices is that they speak and listen to one another. You can also control everything seamlessly using your preferred method:

  • Control4 app: There’s no need for separate apps to control your thermostat, light bulbs, security system, and window shades. With Control4, it’s all combined into a single, user-friendly app.
  • In-home devices: Handheld remotes, wall-mounted and tabletop touch screens, and custom keypads make it easy to control your smart home when your mobile device isn’t nearby.
  • Voice: Start playing music, unlock the door, or initiate a smart home scene with the sound of your voice. It’s the perfect option when your hands are full.
  • Schedules: With automatic events programmed into your smart devices based on your agenda, you can have everything the way you want it without lifting a finger or opening your mouth.

smart home scenes

All of the home automation features from Control4 are useful and convenient on their own, but their potential expands even more when you use them together:

  • The “Good Morning” scene might gradually open the shades, play uplifting music, and turn up the temperature when your alarm goes off.
  • Set up a “Movie Night” scene to dim the lights and close the shades as the film starts.
  • Schedule the lights to turn on, thermostat to set the perfect temperature, and speakers to play your favorite tunes just in time for you to arrive home from work.
  • Program the “Good Night” scene to turn off every light and television, close all the shades, and arm the security system as you climb into bed.

new construction & retrofitting options

If you’re building a new house, that’s the perfect time to integrate Control4 home automation. Smart homes require different structured wiring than ordinary houses, so you can make plans to install everything you need before the drywall goes in. This way, you won’t have to go back and cut holes in the wall later.

Still, even if you want to convert your existing residence into a smart home, you can! It’s also possible to scale up your installation as time goes by. This means you can start with a few smart lights, and then add electronic door locks or motorized shades when you’re ready to expand. With a scalable solution, Control4 could be the right option for any home, large or small.

Much like an electrical, plumbing, or HVAC installation, upgrading to a complete smart home isn’t a DIY project. AVDG can work with you to create a fully custom home automation experience with all the Control4 devices you need to maximize convenience, efficiency, and peace of mind. We’ll make sure your smart home system is simple and easy to use, even for our least tech-savvy customers.

For help creating the perfect Control4 experience for you, please contact AVDG today.