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on 11.09.22

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One of the greatest challenges for businesses in the wake of the Covid-19 pandemic has been creating inviting workspaces that make employees feel good about coming back to the office.

Employee burnout is driving up turnover rates and forcing employers to rethink their work policies. Even with hybrid work arrangements, businesses are still hard-pressed to find ways to make their offices more inviting, energizing, and productive.

This is where technology can play a vital role. 

In this post, we explore how tech can help to create a dynamic workspace for your teams to thrive.

digital signage & video walls

Even a single video display can make an office feel fresher and more modern. If you deploy several screens throughout the space or an expansive video wall, it can dramatically transform the environment.

In offices, digital signage can be used for several purposes. It’s a great way to greet visitors and employees in reception areas with informational messages or videos about your company. You can place displays in hallways to remind employees about upcoming events or meetings. The displays can stream video from your company-wide all-hands meetings. Or, they can rotate messages related to your company mission, vision, or branding.

No matter how you use the displays, changing and adding content is quick and simple.

dynamic lighting & automated window treatments

An abundance of research shows that office lighting plays a direct role in the mood, energy, and productivity of your employees. A lack of proper lighting can lead to fatigue, headaches, stress, and overall feelings of malaise, causing workers to call out sick more often.

Updating your lighting will make your workspace brighter, more energizing, and more comfortable. Additionally, with contemporary fixtures and smart technology, the lighting will also modernize your office. 

Dynamic lighting from AVDG can be programmed to adjust automatically based on schedules, office routines, motion, or the amount of available light in the room. What’s more, it can be integrated with motorized window treatments for even greater automation and a modern aesthetic. Smart shades have a clean and minimalist look, available in numerous fabrics, textures, and light-filtering ability. Like the lighting, these shades can be automated based on schedule or with sensors that detect how much natural light is available.

meeting room tech

In a new era of hybrid work, your office employees likely spend a lot of time in meetings. So why not make these meeting spaces as smart and modern as they can be?

It’s not just about aesthetic (although that alone can make meetings way more comfortable). Today’s conference room technology can make meetings more efficient and inviting.

Here are just a few examples of smart office technology that can power your meetings:

  • Touchscreens outside of meeting rooms that can be used to book the space or show when meetings are in progress.
  • Tabletop displays that can be used to kick off and control meetings with just a few taps.
  • Automated lighting and shading that can adjust automatically when meetings start or end, eliminating the need for workers to handle these systems manually.
  • Integrated smartboards that can be used for presentations, videos, and sharing notes, files, or other content with meeting participants.
  • Powerful video conferencing systems, including vibrant HD displays, projectors, speakers, and multidirectional microphones.

All these systems help to make your meetings clearer and more productive (even for your remote workers who are connecting from off-site).

wi-fi 6

Wi-Fi 6 is the latest standard for wireless internet, ushering in greater speeds and bandwidth optimization, especially in heavily connected offices. 

Wi-Fi 6 utilizes a new 6 GHz frequency band, making it the biggest Wi-Fi upgrade in 20 years. This band allows more devices to communicate, eliminating the challenges of a congested network. In an office with many Wi-Fi access points or networks, for example, the addition of a new band helps to clear up congestion and deliver much faster speeds. 

Wi-Fi 6 allows for more devices to send data simultaneously – up to 8 devices for each wireless access point.

While your office wi-fi isn’t a physical tech like those listed above, it plays a vital role in employees’ daily productivity, communication, and collaboration. Wi-Fi 6 is thus an essential tool for the modern office, helping your teams work smarter and faster.

need more ideas for modernizing your office?

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