new trends in home surveillance systems

on 09.23.21

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Home surveillance systems have evolved significantly over the past decade, changing the way we think about securing physical environments and the people inside them. New advancements in video compression and Wi-Fi standards, for example, have made it easier for homeowners to keep an eye on their homes, from their mobile devices, wherever they are.
But given the changes in technology, and the fact that not all home surveillance systems are made equal, it’s important to know the latest trends and how they translate into dependable layers of security.
At AVDG, our security specialists have extensive experience installing home surveillance systems that meet the needs of homeowners and our residential partners, including developers, architects, and design-build firms. We work with many trusted technology partners and have installed over 150 types of surveillance systems of varying size, structure, and functionality. Here are some of the key features that the best surveillance systems offer for home protection.
visual capabilities

The video capabilities on a custom home surveillance system are practically endless. Our professionals work with homeowners and their contractors to identify the right number of vantage points, the exact camera arrangements, and the orientation that best fits their needs. For security personnel and building management, AVDG also has the capability of installing video walls into a central control room for optimal viewing on a single, connected screen.
These feeds can even be live streamed to a mobile device, and many surveillance packages offer HD recordings of previous time periods. Night vision is also available to ensure your home is secure during the most vulnerable hours.
two-way communication
Intercom systems can be implemented throughout a home, as well as connected to exterior entry points. Communication can be arranged from a central hub, from various touch points around the home, or even from mobile devices while homeowners are away. This connectivity will ensure users can communicate with other members of their family while home, as well as with a house-sitter, maintenance worker, or delivery person.
ease of monitoring and control
If users require the ability to adjust their home security system or need to connect to a control board at a moment’s notice, AVDG can help choose and install a system with smart monitoring technology. Control the settings and the functionality of the home surveillance system from your mobile device, as well as manage building access by locking and unlocking doors from your integrated smart system console.
Users can also program their smart system to send alerts and notifications based on movement in certain rooms or attempted entry into the home.
design a secure smart home today
Learn more about today’s best home surveillance systems today by consulting our security professionals at AVDG. We employ a talented team of engineers and video security experts who will work closely with you to build a fully customized surveillance solution, then train and fully equip end-users to operate the system with ease. With our team of high-performing experts, tried and true standardized procedures, and 24/7 emergency services, AVDG is your go-to when it comes to taking home surveillance to the next level. Schedule a consultation today.