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comprehensive technology checkup for the return to the office

As much as 88% of global organizations shifted to remote work in 2020, according to figures from Gartner. While this shift was critical for maintaining continuity of operations during the global health crisis, the transition continues to pose unique challenges for IT, especially as teams are now beginning to return to the office.

After a year of dormancy, workplace technologies have a heightened risk of technical issues, as well as security vulnerabilities from outdated software and firmware. The prolonged inactivity means that audiovisual and IT systems may not function optimally, creating unnecessary setbacks for employees as soon as they return.

To help organizations prepare their technology for the return to the office, AVDG is offering comprehensive technology checks that ensure a smoother transition for your teams and lift the burden from your IT department.

the risks of dormant devices

As with most technologies, a number of things can go wrong when devices sit idly for weeks or months. In connected offices, technical issues can arise within networking, A/V, conferencing, collaborating and other systems.

Many devices, for example, may need to be rebooted to resolve slow or unresponsive interfaces. Wireless devices may need to be reconnected to the network or may need new batteries. Conferencing components, such as cameras and microphones, can be hampered by dust and loose cables, affecting audiovisual quality. Additionally, if systems have not been properly patched with the latest security updates, then the devices could be at risk of being comprised by external threats.

avoid a challenging return

When systems don’t operate properly, they hurt your teams’ productivity and morale. Plus, now that organizations are increasingly hybrid with employees spread across numerous locations, technology setbacks can be especially frustrating for all involved, at a time when businesses should be celebrating their return to the office.

how AVDG can help

AVDG’s comprehensive technology checks ensure that all AV, IT and integrated systems are working optimally before your teams return. These checks are essential for businesses that have not recently reviewed their on-site tech, whether it’s wireless access points, conferencing systems, digital signage, office automation or other devices.

what we'll do

Our technicians will thoroughly test and review all technology integrations at your organization. This thorough review can include:

  • Rebooting systems and A/V peripherals
  • Testing functionality of conferencing systems, touchscreens, digital signage, presentation tools, and other tech deployments
  • Verifying A/V output quality from cameras, microphones, and speakers
  • Checking cabling and inputs for damage and dust
  • Testing performance and battery life of wireless devices, including remotes and touchscreens
  • Updating system software and firmware where applicable
  • Providing a detailed summary of checks performed and issues identified
  • Provide consultancy on network and hardware typology to ensure your systems can handle the demand of the new hybrid workplace
  • Consult on remote management solutions allowing your team to service your hybrid spaces remotely

ongoing checks

If desired, our technicians can perform these checks on a routine basis to ensure your systems continue to function without interruption at all times. These routine checks are necessary for any connected organization, limiting the risk of technical hiccups during the workday

request a custom proposal

For more information about an AVDG technology checkup, please fill out this brief questionnaire to identify your immediate needs, and we’ll follow up with a detailed proposal. AVDG can customize the review to your specific needs and technology infrastructure.