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We lead with the philosophy that every AV project is unique. Through each project, we work to understand the distinctive characteristics of the space, the organization, family, individuals, and their needs. Our team works to identify and incorporate opportunities that will elevate the project with recommendations that bring the design, application, technology, and people together. AVDG works relentlessly to guarantee that our technology, system, and the space will work as it was intended to. We maintain and secure the success of our projects through our extensive Simplicity service division, which works continuously to remotely monitor systems, optimize performance, and prevent system errors.

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our process

From start to finish, the way we execute projects makes all the difference. Our process for every project is customized, but our unique audio-visual approach leads us to record-breaking performance, every time. We leverage frictionless workflows and digital communication tools that enable our teams to accelerate all project phases and adapt to changes on the fly. This includes ultra-efficient processes for product procurement, system design, off-site testing, installation, and all other project phases, ensuring that our teams can deliver impeccable-quality results on virtually any timetable.


Through our consultation process we will leverage the remarkable background and expertise of our team to propose a clear solution that best fits your organization, project, space or family’s needs, budget, operations, and expectations for each system.


During the assessment process, AVDG sales leaders and engineers perform a site survey to record all of the minute details of the space. A formal recommendation is prepared and presented outlining how we plan to collaborate with your project’s stakeholders to augment and streamline systems, promote efficiencies, and transform your environment.

design & engineering

Engineers, designers, and architects are incorporated into the project to formulate AutoCAD-based drawings, finalize planning, and project documentation. Design services take place and lead to the configuration of systems.


Our optimized procurement processes allow us to track inventory closely and collaborate instantly with engineering to ensure we have the supplies we need or can rapidly acquire them. None of this would be possible without AVDG’s exclusive frictionless workflow or the digital tools that we equip our teams with.

project management

The project begins to take shape and is fully managed by a dedicated project manager. Key associates maintain a commitment to the project to ensure that standards are upheld consistently. As the project evolves, we bring on a diverse set of talent, including AV problem solvers and testers who ensure that the job is brought to life, flawlessly.

off-site testing

We design, build, and test systems in-house, so that any hiccups are identified and resolved before they’re deployed. We conduct this testing in a controlled off-site environment, where we assemble systems exactly as they will be installed on site. By doing this prior to deployment, we eliminate roadblocks that would ordinarily delay a project, enabling our teams to complete installations much faster while also ensuring the highest levels of system quality, dependability, and performance.


Upon the completion of the installation, all systems are calibrated, evaluated, and tested. AVDG’s team and other project stakeholders, and/or contributors gather to assess the performance of the entire system.

client-hand off

Once the project is concluded, client system training takes place. If agreed upon, the systems are prepared for service support. Simplicity service support reinforces systems with continuous monitoring, defensive and proactive management, and remote technical support.

our vision

We value partnerships. At AVDG, we are guided by a core mission to be a trusted partner and consultant to our clients, so that they can depend on us for the best guidance, expertise, and technologies. We achieve these goals by using a consultative approach that is personalized for each client and streamlined with a proven design-build process that AVDG has been perfecting for more than 2 decades.

our vendors

Without the ingenuity and impeccable quality of our vendors, we wouldn’t be able to continue to create solutions that improve our use of technology. That’s why we work with the industry’s best.

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