Every year has its technological focus. This year is all about smart home technology. The Coldwell Banker Real Estate Smart Home Marketplace Survey showed that 45% of Americans already own smart home technology or they plan on purchasing it in 2016. That’s nearly half of all Americans surveyed! This technology comes in many forms, including home security systems and home climate control. The reasons that smart technology is appearing in more and more homes are varied.
What Is a Smart Home?
Let’s start with what a smart home is. Google defines a smart home as “a home equipped with lighting, heating, and electronic devices that can be controlled remotely by phone or computer.” Home automation provides ease of mind, luxury, and value. Home buyers are more interested in buying a home with smart technology in 2016 than they have been in the past, and homeowners are buying it more than they have in previous years.
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Why Are More People Interested?
While there aren’t definitive answers, everyone worries about their safety. Did you forget to lock the front door? You’d never have to worry if you could lock your door from your home. Everyone can be inattentive, at some point, but, with smart tech, you could ensure the oven or the curling iron is definitely off without going back home. You can check on your kids and make sure they’re doing what they should be. Even more than safety, convenience is attractive. Listen to music in any room at the touch of a button. Have your refrigerator tell you when you’ve run out of something. Who doesn’t want to make life easier?
Popular Smart Technologies
The same Coldwell Banker survey showed that the most favored form of smart technology is entertainment. The survey also found that 44% of people who own smart home technology own smart entertainment. Entertainment seems to be a great entry point to smart technology for many people. Everyone likes amusement that’s cutting edge and cool. It’s a great way to upgrade a home, and a focal point when entertaining or selling a home.
Smart security is the second-most popular form of smart technology. This security ranges from home surveillance to door locks that can be unlocked from anywhere. People find it important to monitor their homes when they’re at work or away on vacation. Smart technology allows us to quell our fears about anything that may happen while we’re away from home. According to the Coldwell Banker Smart Home Marketplace survey, 31% of the people who own smart home tech own some type of smart security system or device, and 58% of home buyers are interested in having it.
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Controlling Comfort
Security and entertainment are both important aspects of life. Comfort is also an area of interest when it comes to smart technology. Climate control isn’t just for comfort, but is essential for an efficient, environmentally friendly house. Smart tech allows the owner to program temperatures and interact with the system even when they’re away. It’s this sense of being connected that attracts people to smart systems.
Entertainment, Security, and Comfort Are Just the Beginning
These home automations are a few of the possibilities. Lighting, window treatments, and much more can be part of intelligent home design. Smart devices are no longer just for young people or the wealthy. Older and middle class Americans are now flocking to these types of electronics, too. The barrier to what used to be an expensive luxury is breaking down, and devices are becoming more and more affordable. Convenience, safety, luxury, and fun are enticing. All of these factors make smart homes hot in 2016.
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