3 Ways Smart Home Technology Can Make You Safer & Happier

Smart Home Technology
What if your clock could talk to your refrigerator? Or if your vacuum cleaner could have a conversation with your television? No, it’s not a pitch for the next Pixar movie; it’s the latest trend in technology, and it has already come to a home near you.
Smart home technology is part of a larger movement called the Internet of Things (IoT), a term that describes the increasingly connected nature of everyday objects. This web of commonplace devices is making daily tasks such as watering the lawn and turning on the lights easier than ever, but it’s not limited to minor appliances or matters of convenience. Rather, technology as diverse as climate control systems and home surveillance cameras are increasingly working together to keep homeowners safe, happy, and worry-free as they go about their busy lives.
Here are 5 other ways home automation systems can make your life merrier and your family safer:
#1 Wake Up the Right Way with Smart Home Technology
Home Control System
Imagine waking up on Monday morning to the smell of fresh roasted coffee. A few years ago, the only way to get that lucky was to find a dedicated spouse who wanted to rise early and fetch your morning java before you hit the showers. Now all you need is a trusty home control system that allows you to program a range of devices—everything from the lights to the living room lamp—from your smartphone.
That means you can preset the coffeemaker to start brewing at 6 a.m. sharp, or even use your phone to turn it on from the comfort of your bed while you stay warm and toasty between the sheets. It also means you can control nearly any home appliance from anywhere with just your phone. Forgot to close the garage door? No problem. Just open the smart home app on your phone and close it remotely, or, better yet, get a unit that closes automatically after a set period of time or as soon as you’re out of range. If that’s not handy, nothing is.
#2 Fight Off Intruders with Home Security Camera Systems
What if your Home Monitoring System could communicate with your smartphone? That’s one scenario you no longer have to imagine. The best Home Security Systems already alert you when an intruder breaks into your house while you’re taking in the sights on your Alaskan cruise.
Even better, that home camera system you see on many houses these days not only alerts homeowners in the case of a burglary; it also lets trespassers know they’ve been caught red-handed, sending many invaders running for the hills before they have a chance to inflict serious damage on your house or run off with your high-end TV set.
#3 Stay Cool All Summer Long with Automated Climate Control Systems
Once upon a time, you had to be home to control your thermostat. Now, in the age of smart homes, you can operate your climate control system remotely, without even setting foot in the house. That means you can turn on the air conditioning or heater from work, and come home to a cool house in the summer or a warm house in the winter.
Even more importantly, automated climate control systems allow you to stay energy efficient and eco-friendly throughout the year. That’s because top-of-the-line climate control systems go above and beyond the call of duty, collecting critical data so you can monitor, analyze, and adjust your energy consumption to meet efficiency goals.
Automated Home Climate Control System
Of course, that’s just the tip of the iceberg. These days, home control systems allow you to direct almost any appliance or home surveillance system. From motion-activated doorbells to smart plant watering systems, the sky is the limit when it comes to automated home technology.
If you need help configuring your smart home, contact AVDG’s home automation experts to request a consultation.