5 Technology Trends to Expect in 2017

The past six years have been huge for the evolution of technology. The decade is coming to a close in just three short years, and, since 2016 brought us so many developments that have brought the future into the present, many experts around the world have turned their eyes toward 2017 with hope.
Smart Home Technology
As the digital universe grows larger, trends among users have been proven to give hints about what the future holds. By taking a look at what has gained popularity and the innovations announced by companies every day, we can begin to predict what the next year will bring.
1 – Smart Home Technology. Although the world has watched the smart home tech market emerge over the past few years, 2017 is meant to be a year that will take a big leap forward. With Amazon, Apple, and Google all releasing similar smart-home technology this Christmas, January of next year is already shaping up to be a time of new beginnings for many homeowners.
2 – Intelligent applications. Google has made a name for itself in smart-tech that gives you solutions before you even knew that you needed them. For instance, by introducing new spam filtration techniques to their Gmail service and adding a proprietary “special sauce” that helps recognize important emails and save them from the trash bin, Google was able to foray into a world where apps understand your needs better than you do. Their latest experiment, Google Now, will even read your emails and tell you if your flight is delayed and if you’ll be running late in current traffic. This sort of app knowledge is already becoming common and will only become more sophisticated in 2017.
Man with virtual reality headset
3 – VR & AR. Virtual Reality (VR) equipment and software reached milestone capabilities in 2015, and Augmented Reality (AR) became mainstream this summer with the introduction of Pokemon Go. With Sony gearing up to release a VR version of their Playstation game console, and with more apps finding ways to bring AR into the mix to replicate the runaway success of Pokemon Go, 2017 sits poised to become a landmark year for both technologies.
4 – On-Demand Entertainment. Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Prime, and other digital outlets have already proven themselves to be socially preferred alternatives to typically scheduled programming. People want to be able to plan a TV binge around their weekend, and the digital streaming services have proven that their original programming can be some of the best entertainment out there. This on-demand mentality doesn’t end with entertainment, either. With Uber, Air BnB, dating apps, and more gaining steam with every year, 2017 may set a new benchmark for on-demand living.
Using ipads for device integration
5 – Device Integration. With more and more people using personal cell phones on a daily basis, touchscreen products have become our way of interpreting the world around us. Businesses are already taking advantage of this by creating company-specific apps that will give you store maps, product trials, special coupons, and much more. Amazon is even creating a store that will require you to log into the app in order to shop at the store, and then, when you leave, the products that you leave the store with will be automatically charged to your account.
Although tech lovers should not expect levels of advancement as seen in Star Trek or Back to the Future, 2017 is set to be a great year for the evolution of the industry.

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