In today’s market, employers must make the grade to attract top talent. Generation Z is now entering the workforce, and they have expectations like no other generation. Growing up with an unprecedented technologically advanced society has made their demand for smart technology in the office more than just a tick mark on the checklist.
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Salary Isn’t Their Highest Priority
The people known as Generation Z were born in the mid-90s to early 00s. They want their dream jobs, and they don’t plan on waiting long to get there. These newcomers to the workforce are in high demand, and they prefer benefits to high salary. According to HR Review, the 2015 Way to Work survey by Adecco Staffing concluded that only six percent of this generation ranked salary as the most important part of their first job. This survey also states that what these people do find important in a workplace is software that improves their daily work experience.
Flexibility and Upward Mobility
Many people currently in the workforce remember a time before the computer and internet. Individuals from Gen Z coming into the workforce don’t. They have been raised in a time of texting and Smart Home technology. These young professionals are determined to move up the career ladder as fast as they can, and they don’t stay in one place for long. According to Fortune, a whopping 83% expect to be at their first job for three years or less.
Picture of man looking at phone and smart watch
With stats like these, creating a top-of-the-line technological environment is essential to gaining new talent and keeping it. Employees of this generation don’t like to just sit at their desk all day. Employers that provide employees places to meet with coworkers and clients, and the opportunity to work independently and work collectively in teams in a more activity-based environment are more likely to get newer individuals to stick around. Gone are the days of strictly independent work in separate offices. Many employers who are on top of trends are even allowing some remote work options to garner more traction with the new grad crowd.
Smart Office Solutions to Make Everyone Happy
As an employer, you may be wondering what Smart Technology you can offer potential jobseekers. Certainly there are many options in this category. Cloud printing and instant messaging communications are just a few of the possibilities. Other innovations focus on comfort and safety. For instance, an iPhone thermostat control can ensure that everyone is always comfortable. Wi-Fi deadbolts can give employees access to the office when they need it, which enables better flexibility with work hours.
Then there are other types of tech like self-watering plants or plants that remind you to water them to keep the office plants in good health. Door camera systems will allow you to see who is at the door before you answer it, enabling you to keep the doors locked if you choose. You can even change the color and brightness of lights throughout the day to create optimal lighting.
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Limitless Options
The technological options for employers are endless and growing every day. Generation Z has always had technology in their life, and so they demand their workplace to meet their high standards. For them, it’s easy to move on. They’re not bound by the same ideas of loyalty and responsibility that their parents and grandparents were. Remember, if you want to catch the top talent, you have to give them a reason to walk through the door and stay innovative to keep them.
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