The day-to-day operations of an office building can be costly and time consuming. It doesn’t have to be, though. Intelligent office design can create an efficient, well-functioning, and useful office that you can control. These customized offices will save you money, while giving you comfort and safety, even when you’re not there!
Lighting is an integral part of any office, and often the subject of both cost and comfort during redesign discussions. Smart designs offer one-touch lighting solutions that can reduce energy costs as well as make office spaces more comfortable. Lights can be programmed to automatically be dimmer or brighter, depending on the time of day. This leads to a mix of natural and artificial light which always keeps the office bright and inviting.
For areas that can be safety hazards, lights can be set to turn on automatically. Or, if the need arises, lights can be turned on or off remotely from anywhere. Lighting control improves offices and increases employee satisfaction in addition to reducing electric bills.
home security systems
Locks and Security
Security is at the top of your mind whether you’re at home or in the office, so it makes sense to choose the most advanced solutions. Commercial systems run much like smart home security systems. Using the latest technology and video surveillance equipment, a highly effective security system can be created. These security systems can put you at ease even when you’re away from the office, through remote access via desktop and mobile devices.
If you’ve ever wondered what’s going on in the office when you’re not around, or needed to lock or unlock a door, then smart office security would have helped you. You can monitor customer service and sensitive equipment in real-time. You can lock a door when someone forgets to lock it, or unlock a door for someone on the weekend. You can easily eliminate extra trips to the office and sleep better at night.
Signs of the Times
Signs are a part of many businesses, but printing is costly. Plus, by the time you have a sign printed, it may already be out of date. Missed errors on print signage can cost you, and they’re not easy to fix. Digital signage is a cost-effective means of communicating with your customers or employees. Spend as a one-time expense, rather than a continual printing expense. This way you can change the message as often as you like without any cost. You can easily utilize high quality graphics and showcase many products.
Multimedia Systems
There are so many ways to design an office for comfort, convenience, and connectivity. If you spend a lot of time on conference calls or give webinars, you might consider a video conferencing system. In today’s globally connected world, video conferencing and presentation systems are must-haves. Whether you’re connecting with customers or training employees, being able to interface with people, no matter what they are, is part of the business model for many.
Other beneficial investments for those who have important meeting are technologies like integrated lighting and dedicated meeting room setups. Audio and video distribution systems can help you avoid buying the same costly equipment for several offices. Another upside is its single device connectivity, which allows anyone in the office to look like an AV pro.
A Little Tech Goes a Long Way.
While all this high tech equipment sounds expensive, in the end it makes your office run more efficiently. Smart home technology turns homes into well-oiled machines, and similar equipment can make your office run just as smoothly. Knowing that you will use just the amount of electricity you need and you’ll always look on top of your game are just two of the benefits to intelligently designed offices.