You’ve read about so called “Smart Homes,” but what does this really mean? A smart home is a home equipped with heating, lighting, security, electronics, and/or appliances that can be controlled remotely by smartphone or computer. Home automation provides home comfort, efficiency, and security. Translated into simple terms, it means a greener, safer, cost-efficient home for you and your family to enjoy.
This technology is no longer a far-fetched George-Jetson-type fantasy or an elitist luxury. This approximately 9.5 billion dollar industry has come a long way from its 1975 inception with the X10 transmitting over electrical lines. This type of technology still exists, but, with the prevalence of smartphones and Wi-Fi, the only limitation is human imagination. Did you forget to unplug the curling iron or turn off the stove? Maybe your plans changed and you’re going to be away all day. Smart home technology means that you can turn off an outlet or appliance, or adjust the temperature of your house. You can turn the lights on so it won’t be dark when you arrive home or ensure no one knows you’re away.
Intelligent Home Design
Features of Intelligent Home Design
Intelligent home design can take many forms and have many features. It gives you the ability to create your customized home experience. There are many options and integrations that can turn a house into your perfect home.
Climate Control
Climate control automation allows you to be more environmentally conscious and cost-efficient. Your home can be set to your optimal comfort level for when you’re home, and then adjusted to an energy saving setting for when you’re not there. Basically, your indoor climate can be whatever you’d like, whenever you like. Climate control automation also allows you to chart and review your energy consumption.
Lighting Control
Imagine you’ve gone away on vacation, but don’t want anyone to know. Now, imagine being able to program when your lights turn on and off. Coming home with groceries? Wouldn’t it be so much better if you could turn on all the lights you need with just one button? Light switches get in the way and aren’t very pretty, but, with lighting control, you can eliminate many of them. You can also adjust lighting to be comfortable and appropriate for every time of the day, all while reducing your energy consumption.
Home Video Surveillance Systems
Home safety and security are important to everyone. In a smart home, the security system can contact you when there’s a potential problem. It can also talk to the would-be thief in your home. With a smart home monitoring system, you can keep an eye on your house from anywhere. With access to live video footage, you can see everything that’s going on, no matter where you are. Even better, video analysis will alert you to potential problems rather than you having to watch every second yourself. These are just a few benefits of such a monitoring system.
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Other Features
Smart homes also have many other features. Audio and video distribution allow you to play music or watch TV anywhere in your home. Custom home theater systems help you create the home theater of your dreams without needing to be a millionaire. Motorized window treatments allow you to control privacy and the amount of sunlight in your home. They can offer UV protection for your furniture and art in your home. They also keep prying eyes away. Smart homes have features sure to help everyone in the family.
The benefits of a smart home abound. Additional safety and burglary protection, as well as comfortable climate control, are just a few of these benefits. Video surveillance can allow you to let children into the house when they forget their keys, or prevent a child from drowning in a pool. You can be ecofriendly and cost-efficient with a tap on the screen of your smart phone. The best part is being able to customize your home to your needs, whatever they might be.
Smart home automation used to be the stuff of Sci-Fi movies, but, in our modern world, it’s just a few modifications away. Your smartphone, computer, and tablet, along with your TV, appliances, and other devices, make it so easy to make your home and your life more comfortable. Smart outlets are easy to use, and affordable control systems are within most people’s reach. All you have to do is let your imagination take the lead.
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