Our Mission: Bringing Environments to Life

on 06.17.22

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At AVDG, our core mission is bringing environments to life with technology that is powerful, reliable, and intuitive.

But achieving this mission is virtually impossible without amazing people. That’s why we strive to attract top talent at AVDG, by offering an array of rewarding AV careers that make each team member feel inspired, fulfilled, and valued. Additionally, we support our teams with ongoing training and career development programs that help them advance their AV careers and enable us to effectively carry out the AVDG mission, together.

Our People Are Key to Our Success Story

Over the last three decades, we’ve grown to become a national leader in audio-visual and automation solutions — all thanks to the passion and dedication of our talented teams. Founded in 1996, AVDG has expanded from its initial location in Silicon Valley to several regions across the United States. 

This success story has been driven by the amazing people on our teams. That’s why AVDG is so committed to creating extraordinary careers in the AV industry, including rewarding jobs for AV technicians, technology managers, audio-visual installers, AV project managers, and many others. Every single role, no matter what the position or department, is key to AVDG’s success. 

Defining Our Mission

What does it mean when we say our mission is “bringing environments to life?” Why do we insist that technology be “powerful, reliable, and intuitive?” And what does all of this mean for the AVDG team members who help us achieve this mission?

First and foremost, we believe that technology has the power to transform environments, making them smarter, more interactive, easier to control, and more stunning. Beyond just AV integration, our expertise lies in custom-designing and building these environments with cutting-edge technology that is seamlessly incorporated into each space. That’s where environments truly come alive.

  • The technology must be powerful. It must be fast and fluid. It must have the processing power to deliver flawless performance, regardless of the system type or device. 
  • The technology must be reliable. It needs to be always connected, available, and functioning at peak performance. It must be built on dependable hardware and software from the industry’s most trusted and reliable technology manufacturers.
  • The technology must be intuitive. Users should be able to control it easily and know how to use it without having to think about it. Interfaces and controls should just “make sense.” 

More Than Mere ‘AV Jobs’

Achieving each aspect of our mission demands that we create professional AV career pathways that enable each team member to grow, thrive, and be experts in their fields. 

In that sense, AVDG is not an ordinary employer offering mere audio-visual jobs. It’s a destination for those who are seeking fulfilling careers in AV, automation, and system integration. It’s the opportunity to be part of an exciting mission to create stunning environments with the newest tech on the market, while working alongside the industry’s best experts.


Join the Mission and Thrive

Discover what it’s like to work with a fun and thriving company where everything is “exceptional by design.” Exceptional people. Exceptional technology. Exceptional spaces. Being part of the AVDG family allows you to innovate and contribute to exciting commercial, corporate, and/or residential projects, all while changing the landscape of the industry.

View our careers page to see our current AV job openings opportunities and learn more about starting an exciting audio-visual career with AVDG.