Control4 is the leading provider of personalized automation and control solutions for your home or business. A house that remembers to lock itself at 10 pm. Shades that close as the sun hits. A home theater setup that takes care of lights, sound, and picture with one touch. All at your fingertips with the Control4 system.
Control4 is staffed by a team of smart home technology wizards who understand the enormous potential of automation solutions for residential use. This company’s smart home systems give homeowners an incredible degree of control over their home’s entertainment devices, security devices, and lighting—without the need to even get off the sofa.
Control4’s automation technology works with over 9000 devices. By using a single remote control, homeowners can play movies on multiple screens throughout their residence, stream their favorite music, turn on the air conditioning, adjust the overhead lights, unlock the front door for guests, and effect a number of other actions throughout the house, just like that.
With the Control4 Mobile App and 4Sight with Anywhere Access, homeowners can enjoy the advantages of smart home technology even while on the road. The system will send alerts whenever someone enters the home, or when a gas leak is detected. No matter where you are, you will be able to enjoy the peace of mind that comes with knowing that your home is under your control. Any home, large or small, can benefit from this state-of-the-art technology.
AVDG is pleased to be a Pinnacle Dealer for Control4 products. We earned our Platinum Badge by preparing our staff to be custom integration specialists, completing additional Control4 training on home automation systems. That means we know our stuff! More than that, we are fully committed to giving you the custom solution that you want for your home.
Call us today! We can create the perfect Control4 experience for you.

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