Save energy. Enhance comfort and convenience. Increase productivity. These are just some of the benefits of bringing Lutron lighting solutions into your home or business. With lighting fixtures that are elegant as well as efficient, and easily integrate into your home automation plan, Lutron offers the best choice in lighting design.
Since its founding in 1961, Lutron Electronics has been a global leader in home and office lighting control systems, and through the years it has manufactured a wide-range of cost-cutting, visually pleasing solutions for residential and commercial clients. Today, this venerable company offers a number of smart home lighting control systems, occupancy sensors, and dimmers that give the homeowner easy-to-use tools for adjusting the interior lights to accommodate their comfort level.
With Lutron, homeowners can find the middle ground between painful glare and eye-straining murkiness—they have access to a spectrum of intermediate settings beyond the standard options of “ON” and “OFF,” enabling them to create just the right living environment.
These solutions do far more than enhance comfort—they also lower energy bills, and may even qualify the homeowner for federal and state rebates. Lutron sensors detect when a room is no longer occupied, and automatically turn off the lights to save money. It’s even possible to set the system on “vacation” mode to mimic the normal lighting schedule of an occupied home.
In a business setting, Lutron energy-saving solutions increase the longevity of workplace lights and minimize annoying glare that can reflect off computer monitors. A selection of temperature and security controls is also available through this industry leader in home and office automation systems.
Please visit the Lutron website for inspiration from their idea galleries, and see how Lutron’s superior light control enhances the many facets of your home or workplace.
At AVDG, we customize each plan to the individual wishes of our clients. What do you want from your home? We offer whole building solutions or single room solutions, fixtures and lighting control, even motorized shades. After your consultation with a AVDG specialist and the creation of your wish list, we handle the rest. Call us today to get started!

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